Man pages for annaffy
Annotation tools for Affymetrix biological metadata

aaf.characterGeneric constructor for classes extending character
aafChromLocConstructor for aafChromLoc objects
aafChromLoc-classClass aafChromLoc, a class for gene chromosome locations
aafChromosomeConstructor for aafChromosome objects
aafChromosome-classClass aafChromosome, a class for gene chromosome assignments
aafCytobandConstructor for aafCytoband objects
aafCytoband-classClass aafCytoband, a class for cytoband data
aafDescriptionConstructor for aafDescription objects
aafDescription-classClass aafDescription, a class for gene descriptions
aafExprSample ExpressionSet used for demonstration purposes
aafGenBankConstructor for aafGenBank objects
aafGenBank-classClass aafGenBank, a class for GenBank accession numbers
aafGOConstructor for aafGO objects
aafGO-classClass aafGO, a class for gene ontology ids
aafGOItem-classClass aafGOItem, a class for gene ontology id elements
aaf.gotermFetch Gene Ontology term information
aaf.handlerHandle feching annotation data columns
aaf.integerGeneric constructor for classes extending integer
aafIntensity-classClass aafIntensity, a class for gene expression values
aafList-classClass aafList, a specialized subclass of list
aafLocusLinkConstructor for aafLocusLink objects
aafLocusLink-classClass aafLocusLink, a class for LocusLink ids
aafPathwayConstructor for aafPathway objects
aafPathway-classClass aafPathway, a class for KEGG pathway ids
aafPathwayItem-classClass aafPathwayItem, a class for KEGG pathway id elements
aafProbeConstructor for aafProbe objects
aafProbe-classClass aafProbe, a class for Probe ids
aafPubMedConstructor for aafPubMed objects
aafPubMed-classClass aafPubMed, a class for PubMed ids
aaf.rawFetch raw annotation data
aafSearchGOFind probe ids corresponding to GO ids
aafSearchTextSearch metadata annotation text
aafSigned-classClass aafSigned, a class for signed numerical data
aafSymbolConstructor for aafSymbol objects
aafSymbol-classClass aafSymbol, a class for gene symbols
aafTableConstructor for aafTable objects
aafTableAnnConstructor for aafTable objects from annotation data
aafTable-classClass aafTable, a tabular microarray data class
aafTableFrameConstructor for aafTable objects from data frames
aafTableIntConstructor for aafTable objects from ExpressionSets
aafUniGeneConstructor for aafUniGene objects
aafUniGene-classClass aafUniGene, a class for UniGene cluster ids
chkPkgsA Function to Check for and Install Missing Annotation...
getCSS-methodsMethods for function getCSS
getHTML-methodsMethods for function getHTML
getTD-methodsMethods for function getTD
getText-methodsMethods for function getText
getURL-methodsMethods for function getURL
is.annpkgDetermine if packages contain annotation
selectorWidgetDialog to select items from a list
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