aafSigned-class: Class aafSigned, a class for signed numerical data

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A class for displaying signed numerical data with different styles depending on the sign.

Objects from the Class

Objects are generally created by the aafTable constructor. Objects can also be created manually by calls of the form new("aafSigned", signedval).



Object of class numeric


Class numeric, from data part.



(aafSigned): Returns an HTML table cell with class differentially set based on sign. aafSignedPos is used for positive values. aafSignedNeg is used for negative values. aafSignedZero is used for zero values.


(aafSigned): Returns two lines of CSS that set the cell background of positive values light blue and negative values light red.

See generic implementations of getText, getURL, and getHTML.


Colin A. Smith, annaffy@colinsmith.org

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