estrogen: Microarray Data from an Experiment on Breast Cancer Cells

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Gene expression levels for 500 genes from a 2x2 factorial experiment on MCF7 breast cancer cells using Affymetrix HGU95av2 arrays.




An ExpressionSet object with 500 genes, 8 samples, and 2 variables.


The factors in this experiment were estrogen (ES: P or A) and length of exposure (TIME: 10 or 48 hours). Gene expression values were estimated using rma after quantile normalization (see the 'affy' package). Expression estimates are reported log base 2, as suggested by the rma method.


Scholtens et al. Analyzing Factorial Designed Microarray Experiments. Journal of Multivariate Analysis. 2004;90(1):19-43.



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        ES TIME
et1.CEL  A  10h
et2.CEL  A  10h
Et1.CEL  P  10h
Et2.CEL  P  10h
eT1.CEL  A  48h
eT2.CEL  A  48h
ET1.CEL  P  48h
ET2.CEL  P  48h
 et1.CEL  et2.CEL  Et1.CEL  Et2.CEL  eT1.CEL  eT2.CEL  ET1.CEL  ET2.CEL 
4.970288 4.652992 4.450018 4.718027 4.760855 4.883518 4.697013 4.568902 

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