Man pages for fgsea
Fast Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

calcGseaStatCalculates GSEA statistics for a given query gene set
calcGseaStatBatchCppCalculates GSEA statistic valus for all gene sets in...
collapsePathwaysCollapse list of enriched pathways to independent ones.
examplePathwaysExample list of mouse Reactome pathways.
exampleRanksExample vector of gene-level statistics obtained for Th1...
fgseaRuns preranked gene set enrichment analysis.
fgseaLabelRuns label-permuring gene set enrichment analysis.
gmtPathwaysReturns a list of pathways from a GMT file.
plotEnrichmentPlots GSEA enrichment plot.
plotGseaTablePlots table of enrichment graphs using ggplot and gridExtra.
reactomePathwaysReturns a list of Reactome pathways for given Entrez gene IDs
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