Man pages for flowMerge
Cluster Merging for Flow Cytometry Data

checkForRemoteErrorsCheck output of snow clusters for errors
fitPiecewiseLinregFit Piecewise Linear Regression for a list of flowMerge...
fitPiecewiseLinreg-methodsMethods for fitPiecewiseLinreg in flowMerge package
flagOutliersUpdate the flagOutliers slot in a flowMerge object
flagOutliers-methodsMethods to update the flagOutliers slot in a flowMerge...
flowClust.resA flowClust model fitted to the rituximab data for 1:10...
flowMerge-classClass "flowMerge"
flowMerge-internalInternal flowMerge functions
flowMerge-packageMerging of mixture components for automated gating of flow...
flowObjCreate a flowObj object from a flowClust and flowFrame object
flowObj-classClass "flowObj"
initPFlowMergeInitialize a SNOW cluster for use with flowMerge
mapMap matrix of probabilities to class assignments.
mergeMerge clusters in flow cytometry data
mergeClustersCluster merging not meant to be called by the user
mergeClusters2Cluster merging not meant to be called by the user
merge-methodsMerge mixture components
NENTExtract the Normalized Entropy
pFlowClustParallelized FlowClust
pFlowMergeParellel call to flowMerge
plot-methodsMethods for plotting flowMerge and flowObj classes
ptreeGenerate a Function to Plot The Merging Tree
show-methodsDescribe a flowObj or flowMerge object
split-methodsSplit data in a flowMerge object by cluster
summary-methodsSummary methods for flowMerge
updateUUpdate uncertainties
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