flowClust.res: A flowClust model fitted to the rituximab data for 1:10...

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The Rituximab data set accessible via data(rituximab) in the flowClust package fitted to a flowClust model containing from one to ten components. The results are in the object flowClust.res.




The format is: flowClust.res is a flowClustList, where each element of the list is a flowClust model of the rituximab data, for K=1 through K=10 components, respectively. The structure of flowClustList and flowClust can be found in the corresponding documentation of the flowClust package. The format of the rituximab data is found in the documentation for that data set.


The models have been precomputed for use in flowMerge examples to save computation time. flowClust was called on the rituximab data to generate these models with the following command: flowClust.res<-flowClust(rituximab,K=1:10,B=1000,B.init=100,tol=1e-5,tol.init=1e-2,nu=4,randomStart=50,trans=1,nu.est=1).


Gasparetto, M., Gentry, T., Sebti, S., O'Bryan, E., Nimmanapalli, R., Blaskovich, M. A., Bhalla, K., Rizzieri, D., Haaland, P., Dunne, J. and Smith, C. (2004) Identification of compounds that enhance the anti-lymphoma activity of rituximab using flow cytometric high-content screening. J. Immunol. Methods 292, 59-71.



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