Man pages for isobar
Analysis and quantitation of isobarically tagged MSMS proteomics data Delta Score from Ion Score
calc.startposRecalculate peptide start positions based on protein sequence
calculate.dNSAFdNSAF approximate abundance calculations.
calculate.emPAIemPAI approximate abundance calculations.
calculate-pvaluesCalculate and Adjust Ratio and Sample p-values.
correct.peptide.ratiosCorrect peptide ratios with protein ratios from a separate...
distr-methodsFunctions for distribution calculations
fit-distrFit weighted and unweighted Cauchy and Normal distributions
getPeptideModifContextGet context of modification
getPhosphoRSProbabilitiesGenerate input files for PhosphoRS, call it, and get...
getPtmInfoGet PTM site information for idenfied proteins from public...
groupMemberPeptidesPeptide info for protein group members
human.protein.namesInfo on proteins
IBSpectra-classIBSpectra Class for Isobarically Tagged Quantitative MS...
isobar-analysisIBSpectra analysis: Protein and peptide ratio calculation
isobar-dataIsobar Data packages
isobar-importLoading data into IBSpectra objects using readIBSpectra
isobar-logLog functions for IBSpectra objects
isobar-packageAnalysis and quantitation of isobarically tagged MSMS...
isobar-plotsIBSpectra plots
isobar-preprocessingIBSpectra preprocessing
isobar-reportsIsobar reports
maplot.proteinRatio intensity plot for individual proteins
NoiseModel-classNoiseModel objects
number.rangesHelper function to transform number lists to ranges
observedKnownSitesObserved modification sites.
peptide.countPeptide counts, spectral counts and sequence coverage for...
ProteinGroup-classProteinGroup objects
proteinInfo-methodsMethods for Function proteinInfo
proteinNameAndDescriptionGet protein gene names and description from protein info of...
ratiosReshapeWideReshape output of proteinRatios into wide format
ratio-summCalculating and Summarizing Protein and Peptide Ratios
reporter.protein-methodsGet reporter protein group identifier for protein group...
sanitizeHelper function for LaTeX export
shared.ratiosShared ratio calculation
shared.ratios.signPlot and get significantly shared ratios.
specificitiesPeptide specificities
spectra.count2Spectral count for peptides and proteins in ProteinGroup...
subsetIBSpectraSubset IBSpectra objects
Tlsd-classClass '"Tlsd"'
TlsParameter-classClass '"TlsParameter"'
utilsIsobar util functions
writeHscoreDataWrite identifications into a format suitable for Hscore.
writeIBSpectraWrite IBSpectra file as CSV in a format readable by...
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