Man pages for metagene
A package to produce metagene plots

avoid_gaps_updateIs is a function designed to remove values <= to...
Bam_HandlerA class to manage BAM files.
bed_file_filterExtract a list of ranges defined by the bed_file_content_gr...
exon_by_gene_with_observed_transcriptsExtract exons by genes for which data are available in...
get_demo_bam_filesGet BAM filenames for demo
get_demo_designGet a demo design object
get_demo_metageneGet a demo metagene object
get_demo_regionsGet regions filenames for demo
get_promoters_txdbExtract Entrez genes promoters from TxDb object.
metageneA class to manage metagene analysis.
permutation_testPerform a permutation test on 2 tables
plot_metageneProduce a metagene plot
promoters_hg18Promoters regions of hg18 Entrez genes.
promoters_hg19Promoters regions of hg19 Entrez genes.
promoters_mm10Promoters regions of mm10 Entrez genes.
promoters_mm9Promoters regions of mm9 Entrez genes.
write_bed_file_filter_resultTransforms the bed_file_filter function output into a...
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