Man pages for plateCore
Statistical tools and data structures for plate-based flow cytometry

applyControlGates-methodsApply control gates to a flowPlate
compensate-methodsCompensate a flowPlate to correct for the effects of...
compensationSetSample Compensation Data Set
densityplot-methodsOne-dimensional density plots for flowPlates
fixAutoFl-methodsCorrect for the effects of cell size (FSC) on...
flowPlate-classThe flowPlate class.
flowPlate-methodCreate a flowPlate
fpbind-methodsMerge multiple flowPlates into a single virtual flowPlate
getGroups-methodsRetrieve Negative control groups from a flowPlate
on-methodsMethods for Function %on% in Package 'plateCore'
panel.densityplot.flowPlateLattice-flowViz style panel function for flowPlate...
panel.xyplot.flowPlateLattice-flowViz style panel function for flowPlate xyplot.
pbmcPlatepbmcPlate Data Set
plateCore-packageplateCore: A Bioconductor package for high throughput...
plateSet-methodsGet the flowSet from a flowPlate object
prepanel.densityplot.flowPlateLattice-flowViz style panel function for flowPlate...
prepanel.xyplot.flowPlateLattice-flowViz style panel function for flowPlate xyplot.
setControlGates-methodsCreate control gates for a flowPlate
summaryStats-methodsCompute summary statistics on a flowPlate
wellAnnotation-methodsRetrieve a data.frame describing the content of a flowPlate
xyplot-methodsScatter plots (dotplots) for flowPlates.
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