psygenet2r is an R package for query PsyGeNET database ( and perform co-morbidity studies within R framework.

What is this repository for?

This report is used for package distribution while we walk thought BioConductor publication process. psygenet2r is already in Biocondcutor-devel.

Package' Status

How to start


While BioCondutor finish updating the package, psygenet2r can be installed using devtools from this repository:


Querying PsyGeNET:

The following lines show two examples of how PsyGeNET can be queried using psygenet2r:

qg <- psygenetGene(gene = 4852, 
    database = "ALL", 
    check = FALSE
qd <- psygenetDisease(disease = "schizophrenia", 
    database = "ALL",
    evidenceIndex = c('>', 0.5) 

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