psygenet2r: psygenet2r: Package to query PsyGeNET database and to perform...

Description querying functions analysis and plotting functions


psygenet2r has two categories of functions: querying functions and analysis and plotting functions.

querying functions

The functions to retrieve data from PsyGeNET are psygenetDisease and psygenetGene. There are some other support functions like psygenetGeneSentences.

analysis and plotting functions

The functions extract and extractSentences allows to retrieve the row data obtained from on-line resources. The functions plot and pantherGraphic draws a variety of charts to illustrate the obtained results. The function enrichedPD was built to perform enrichment studies on PsyGeNET data. Finally the function jaccardEstimation computes a Jaccard Index from a given input on PsyGeNET data.

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