Man pages for scran
Methods for Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis

buildSNNGraphBuild a nearest-neighbor graph
clusterModularityCompute the cluster-wise modularity
combineVarCombine variance decompositions
computeSpikeFactorsNormalization with spike-in counts
computeSumFactorsNormalization by deconvolution
convertToConvert to other classes
correlatePairsTest for significant correlations
cycloneCell cycle phase classification
decomposeVarDecompose the gene-level variance
denoisePCADenoise expression with PCA
DMCompute the distance-to-median statistic
exploreDataShiny app for explorative data analysis
findMarkersFind marker genes
improvedCV2Stably model the technical coefficient of variation
makeTechTrendMake a technical trend
mnnCorrectMutual nearest neighbors correction
multiBlockVarPer-block variance statistics
overlapExprsOverlap expression profiles
parallelPCAParallel analysis for PCA
quickClusterQuick clustering of cells
sandbagCell cycle phase training
selectorPlotConstruct a selector plot via Shiny
technicalCV2Model the technical coefficient of variation
testVarTest for significantly large variances
trendVarFit a variance trend
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