Man pages for scran
Methods for Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis

buildSNNGraphBuild a SNN graph
combineVarCombine variance decompositions
computeSpikeFactorsNormalization with spike-in counts
computeSumFactorsNormalization by deconvolution
convertToConvert to other classes
correlatePairsTest for significant correlations
cycloneCell cycle phase classification
decomposeVarDecompose the gene-level variance
denoisePCADenoise expression with PCA
DMCompute the distance-to-median statistic
exploreDataShiny app for explorative data analysis
findMarkersFind marker genes
improvedCV2Stably model the technical coefficient of variation
mnnCorrectMutual nearest neighbors correction
overlapExprsOverlap expression profiles
quickClusterQuick clustering of cells
sandbagCell cycle phase training
selectorPlotConstruct a selector plot via Shiny
technicalCV2Model the technical coefficient of variation
testVarTest for significantly large variances
trendVarFit a variance trend
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