scsR: SiRNA correction for seed mediated off-target effect

Corrects genome-wide siRNA screens for seed mediated off-target effect. Suitable functions to identify the effective seeds/miRNAs and to visualize their effect are also provided in the package.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorAndrea Franceschini
Bioconductor views Preprocessing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerAndrea Franceschini <>, Roger Meier <>, Christian von Mering <>

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add_rank_col Man page
add_seed Man page
benchmark_shared_hits Man page
bydf Man page
bydfa Man page
check_consistency Man page
compare_sorted_geneSets Man page
create_sd_matrix Man page
delColDf Man page
delete_undefined_rows Man page
enrichment_geneSet Man page
enrichment_heatmap Man page
get_sd_quant Man page
get_seed_oligos_df Man page
intersectAll Man page
launch_RSA Man page
median_replicates Man page
miRBase_20 Man page
OPIrsa Man page
OPIrsaScore Man page
plot_effective_seeds_head Man page
plot_screen_hits Man page
plot_screen_seeds_count Man page
plot_seed_score_sd Man page
plot_seeds_oligo_count Man page
randomizeInner Man page
randomSortOnVal Man page
removeSharedOffTargets Man page
renameColDf Man page
replace_non_null_elements Man page
seed_correction Man page
seed_correction_pooled Man page
seed_removal Man page
seeds_analysis Man page
sortInner Man page
split_df Man page
transcribe_seqs Man page
uuk_screen Man page
uuk_screen_dh Man page

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