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Predict Combined Function of Transcription Factors

associated_peaksPredict associated peaks
direct_targetsPredict direct targets
find_distanceFind the distance between peaks and regions
merge_rangesMerge peaks and regions GRanges
plot_predictionsPlot the ECDF of ranks by groups
rank_productCalculate the regions rank products
real_peaksAR peaks in LNCaP cell line
real_transcriptsDifferential expression of DHT treated LNCaP cell line
score_peaksCalculate peak scores
score_regionsCalculate region scores
sim_peaksSimulated peaks
sim_transcriptsSimulated transcripts The transcripts chromosome 1 of the...
target'target': Predict Combined Function of Transcription Factors.
target_appRun the shiny App
test_predictionsTest the ECDF ranks of groups are from same distribution
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