Defines functions read.pedfile

Documented in read.pedfile

read.pedfile <- function(file, first.row=NA, coded=NULL, naVal=0, sep=" ", 
		p2g=FALSE, non.rs.IDs=FALSE, cols4ID=FALSE){
	if(!is.null(coded) && !coded %in% c("12", "AB", "1234", "ATCG"))
		stop("coded must be either '12', or 'AB', or '1234', or 'ATCG'.")
			rs <- readLines(file, n=2)
			tmp1 <- unlist(strsplit(rs[1], sep))
			tmp2 <- unlist(strsplit(rs[2], sep))
			first.row <- length(tmp1) == length(tmp2)
			rs <- rs[1]
			rs <- readLines(file, n=1)
			first.row <- tolower(substring(rs, 1, 2)) != "rs"
		read <- TRUE
		cat("NOTE: first.row has not been specified. Since the first row ",
			ifelse(first.row, "does not seem", "seems"), "\n", 
			"to contain the rs-IDs, first.row is set to ", first.row,
			".\n\n", sep="")
		read <- FALSE
			rs <- readLines(file, n=1)
		snpnames <- unlist(strsplit(tolower(rs), sep))
		if(!non.rs.IDs && any(substring(snpnames, 1, 2) != "rs"))
			stop("All SNP names must be rs-IDs, if non.rs.IDs=FALSE.")
		ped <- read.table(file, stringsAsFactors=FALSE, skip=1)
		ped <- read.table(file, stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
		snpnames <- paste("SNP", 1:((ncol(ped) - 6) / 2), sep="")
	if(any(sapply(ped, is.logical))){
		idsLogical <- which(sapply(ped, is.logical))
		for(i in idsLogical){
				stop("ped contains a logic variable with values TRUE and FALSE.")
			ped[,i] <- "T"
	n.snp <- length(snpnames)
	colnames(ped) <- c("famid", "pid", "fatid", "motid", "sex", "affected",
		paste(rep(snpnames, e=2), rep(1:2, n.snp), sep="."))
	ids.kid1 <- ped[,3] != 0
	ids.kid2 <- ped[,4] != 0
	if(any(ids.kid1 != ids.kid2))
		stop("The third and fourth column of file (containing fatid and motid)",
			"\n", "must both be either zero or non-zero.")
		ped[,2] <- paste(ped[,1], ped[,2], sep="_")
		ped[ids.kid1, 3] <- paste(ped[ids.kid1, 1], ped[ids.kid1, 3], sep="_")
		ped[ids.kid2, 4] <- paste(ped[ids.kid2, 1], ped[ids.kid2, 4], sep="_")
		warning("Since the individual IDs in the second column are not unique,\n",
			"they are made unique by combining the first and second column.")
		stop("Even after combining the first and second column, the individual IDs\n",
			"in the second column are not unique. Please make them unique in file.")
		ids.select <- sample(n.snp, min(n.snp, 20)) * 2 + 6
		tmpmat <- as.matrix(ped[,ids.select])
		tabnames <- names(table(tmpmat))
		if(all(tabnames %in% c(naVal, 1:4)))
			coded <- "1234"
		else if(all(tabnames %in% c(naVal, 1:2)))
			coded <- "12"
		else if(all(tabnames %in% c(naVal, "A", "B")))
			coded <- "AB"
		else if(all(tabnames %in% c(naVal, "A", "T", "C", "G")))
			coded <- "ATCG"
		else stop("It is not clear how the SNPs and how missing values are coded.\n",
			"Please specify coded and naVal.")
		cat("NOTE: Since coded has not been specified, it is set to \"", coded, "\".\n\n", sep="")
	ped2geno(ped, snpnames=snpnames, coded=coded, naVal=naVal, cols4ID=cols4ID)


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