Man pages for CausalGPS
Matching on Generalized Propensity Scores with Continuous Exposures

absolute_corr_funCheck Covariate Balance Using Absolute Approach
absolute_weighted_corr_funCheck Weighted Covariate Balance Using Absolute Approach
autoplot.gpsm_erfA helper function for gpsm_erf object
autoplot.gpsm_pspopA helper function for gpsm_pspop object
CausalGPS-packageThe 'CausalGPS' package.
check_argsCheck Additional Arguments
check_args_compile_pseudo_popCheck compile_pseudo_pop function arguments
check_args_estimate_gpsCheck estimate_gps function arguments
check_args_use_cov_transformersCheck Covariate Balance Transformers Argument
check_covar_balanceCheck Covariate Balance
compile_pseudo_popCompile Pseudo Population
compute_closest_wgpsFind the closest data in subset to the original data
compute_densityApproximate density based on another vector
compute_min_maxCompute minimum and maximum
compute_outerComputes distance on all possible combinations
compute_residCompute Residual
compute_riskCompute risk value
convert_data_into_standard_formatPut original data into package standard data
create_matchingCreate pseudo population using matching casual inference...
create_weightingCreate pseudo population using weighting casual inference...
estimate_gpsEstimate GPS Values
estimate_hat_valsEstimate hat (fitted) values
estimate_npmetric_erfEstimate Smoothed Exposure-Response Function (ERF) for...
estimate_pmetric_erfEstimate Parametric Exposure Response Function
estimate_semipmetric_erfEstimate Semi-exposure-response Function (semi-ERF).
generate_kernelGenerate kernel function
generate_pseudo_popGenerate Pseudo Population
generate_syn_dataGenerate Synthetic Data for CausalGPS Package
gen_wrap_sl_libGenerate customized wrapper for SuperLearner libraries
get_loggerGet Logger Settings
log_system_infoLog system information
matching_l1Match observations
plot.gpsm_erfExtend generic plot functions for gpsm_erf class
plot.gpsm_pspopExtend generic plot functions for gpsm_erf class
print.gpsm_erfExtend print function for gpsm_erf object
print.gpsm_pspopExtend print function for gpsm_pspop object
set_loggerSet Logger Settings
smooth_erfSmooth exposure response function
summary.gpsm_erfprint summary of gpsm_erf object
summary.gpsm_pspopprint summary of gpsm_pspop object
synthetic_us_2010Public data set for air pollution and health studies, case...
train_itGenerate Prediction Model
transform_itTransform data
w_funHelper function
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