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Climate Indices

aciAtmospheric Clarity Index
allow_scaleFunction allow scale
asdAverage snow depth
atApparent temperature
average_tempAverage temperature
biBudyko Index
bio10TG of warmest quarter
bio11TG of coldest quarter
bio13Precipitation of wettest month
bio14Precipitation of driest month
bio15Precipitation coefficient of variation
bio16Precipitation wettest quarter
bio17Precipitation of Driest Quarter
bio18Precipitation warmest quarter
bio19Precipitation coldest quarter
bio20Mean radiation
bio4Temperature seasonality
bio5TX warmest month
bio6TN of coldest month
bio7Temperature Annual Range
bio8TG of wettest quarter
bio9TG of driest quarter
byMonths_chronData with months and years in names
calcf_dataOperation de data, agrupando los datos por valores de names
calcf_data_Operation de data, agrupando los datos por valores de names
calcf_data__Operation de data para los valores de oks == ok
calc_spei125. SPEI: Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration...
calc_spiSPI: Standardized Precipitation Index 1, 3, 6 and 12 month...
calculate_allCalculate all indexes
calculate_all_scalesCalculate all indexes for all time scales
ccMean daily cloud cover
cddLongest dry period
cfdMaximum consecutive frost days
ClimInd-packageClimInd: Climate Indices
cmdClimatic moisture deficit
csdMaximum consecutive summer days
csdiCold spell duration
cwdLongest wet period
d32Days TX32
d50mmHeavy precipitation days
d95pVery wet days
ddDry days
dd17Difference days above/below Tx17
dfx21Days wind gusts above 21 m/s
dr1mmWet days 1mm
dr3mmWet days 3mm
dtrDiurnal temperature range
eaiEmberger aridity index
epEffective precipitation
etoReference evapotranspiration
etrExtreme temperature range
fdFrost days
ffdiIndexMac Arthur Forest Fire Danger Index
fffdiFinnish Forest Fire Danger Index
fgMean of daily mean wind strength
fg6bftNumber of days with averaged wind above 10.8m/s
fgcalmCalm days
fodFoggy days
fpscDate of first permanent snow cover
fscDate of first snow cover
fsdNumber of snow days
fwi1DFire Weather Index applied to 1D data
fxxDaily maximum wind gust
gd4Growing degree days
gslGrowing season length
gsrGrowing season precipitation
gtgMean TG
gtnMean TN
gtxMean TX
hd17Heating degree days
hiHeat Index
hsdHeavy snowy days
hydrological_yearsHydrological years
idIce days
jciJohansson Continentality Index
kbdindexKeetch-Byram drought index and Mac Arthur Drought Factor
koiKerner Oceanity Index
lpscDate of last permanent snow cover
maiDe Martonne aridity index
maxfmax with na.rm TRUE
maximum_tempMaximum temperature
meanfmean with na.rm TRUE
mfiModified Fournier Index
miMould index
minfmin with na.rm TRUE
minimum_tempMinimum temperature
moiMarsz Oceanity Index
months_quarterSelect quarter days
months_yearsMonths by years
msMaximum snow depth
msdMild snowy days
nesterovIndexNesterov Index
ngsrNon-growing season precipitation
no_nullSelect no empty parameters
ntgMinimum TG
ogs10Onset of growing season 10 days
ogs6Onset of growing season 6 days
pciPrecipitation Concentration Index
penman_fao_diarioFAO-56 Penman-Monteith reference evapotranspiration (ET_0)
penman_rsTransforma datos de in en r o al revés
piciPinna Combinative Index
prcptotTotal precipitation wet days
ptgSums positive
quantile_nullquantile null
r10mmDays precipitation >= R10mm
r20mmDays precipitation >= R20mm
r95totPercentage precipitation of very wet days
r99totPrecipitation fraction extremely wet days
rtiTotal precipitation
r_to_inTransforma radiancia en insolación
rx1dayMaximum precipitation
rx5dMaximum 5 days R
scale_nameScales allow
scdNumber of snow covered days
sd0_10Snow depth 1-10
sd10_20Snow depth 10-20
sdiiSimple precipitation intensity index
seasonals_yearsSeasonals by years
select_all_time_functionFunction to select all "time" data
select_time_functionFunction to select data
select_value_for_dataName data station or month
sndSunny days
spei1Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 1
spei12Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 12
spei3Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 3
spei6Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index 6
spi1Standardized precipitation index 1
spi12Standardized precipitation index 12
spi3Standardized precipitation index 3
spi6Standardized precipitation index 6
ssSnowfall sum
ssdSum of sunshine duration
sspSunshine duration percentage
stn10Sums TN-10
stn15Sums TN-15
stx32Sums TX32
suSummer days
sumfsum with na.rm TRUE
ta_oGrowing season (Apr-Oct)
td_to_rhDew point to relative humidity
td_to_vaporDew point to water vapour pressure
tm_sGrowing season(May-Sep)
tn10pPercentage of cold nights
tn90pWarm nights
tnnMinimum TN
tnxMaximum TN
trTropical nights
tx10pPercentage of cold days
tx90pWarm days
txnMinimum TX
txxMaximum TX
uaiUNEP Aridity Index
utciUniversal Thermal Climate Index
vcdVery cold days
vdtrMean daily difference DTR
vwdVery warm days
wciWind chill index
whichfwhich with arr.ind TRUE
wkiWinkler index
wsWinter Severity
wsdiWarm spell duration
xtgMaximum TG
zcdZero crossing days
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