Man pages for ConsRank
Compute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach

APAFULLAmerican Psychological Association dataset, full version
APAredAmerican Psychological Association dataset, reduced version...
BBFULLBranch-and-Bound algorithm to find the median ranking in the...
BUBrook and Upton data
combinpmatrCombined input matrix of a data set
consrankBranch-and-bound and heuristic algorithms to find consensus...
ConsRank-deprecatedDeprecated functions in ConsRank
ConsRank-packageMedian Ranking Approach According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic...
DECORDifferential Evolution algorithm for Median Ranking
EMConsBranch-and-bound algorithm to find consensus (median) ranking...
EMDEmond and Mason data
FASTconsFAST algorithm to find consensus (median) ranking. FAST...
FASTDECORFAST algorithm calling DECOR
GermanGerman political goals
IdeaIdea data set
kemenydKemeny distance
kemenydesignAuxiliary function
kemenyscoreScore matrix according Kemeny (1962)
labelsTransform a ranking into a ordering.
order2rankGiven an ordering, it is transformed to a ranking
partitionsGenerate partitions of n items constrained into k non empty...
polyplotPlot rankings on a permutation polytope of 3 o 4 objects...
QuickConsQuick algorithm to find up to 4 solutions to the consensus...
rank2orderGiven a rank, it is transformed to a ordering
reorderingGiven a vector (or a matrix), returns an ordered vector (or a...
scorematrixScore matrix according Emond and Mason (2002)
sportssports data
stirling2Stirling numbers of the second kind
tabulaterowsFrequency distribution of a sample of rankings
tau_xTauX (tau exstension) rank correlation coefficient
univranksGenerate the universe of rankings
USAranksUSA rank data
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