Man pages for ConsRank
Compute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach

APAFULLAmerican Psychological Association dataset, full version
APAredAmerican Psychological Association dataset, reduced version...
BBFULLBranch-and-Bound algorithm to find the median ranking in the...
BUBrook and Upton data
combinpmatrCombined input matrix of a data set
consrankBranch-and-bound and heuristic algorithms to find consensus...
ConsRank-deprecatedDeprecated functions in ConsRank
ConsRank-packageMedian Ranking Approach According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic...
DECORDifferential Evolution algorithm for Median Ranking
EMConsBranch-and-bound algorithm to find consensus (median) ranking...
EMDEmond and Mason data
FASTconsFAST algorithm to find consensus (median) ranking. FAST...
FASTDECORFAST algorithm calling DECOR
GermanGerman political goals
IdeaIdea data set
iwcombinpmatrItem-weighted Combined input matrix of a data set
iw_kemenydItem-weighted Kemeny distance
iwquickconsThe item-weighted Quick algorithm to find up to 4 solutions...
iw_tau_xItem-weighted TauX rank correlation coefficient
kemenydKemeny distance
kemenydesignAuxiliary function
kemenyscoreScore matrix according Kemeny (1962)
labelsTransform a ranking into a ordering.
order2rankGiven an ordering, it is transformed to a ranking
partitionsGenerate partitions of n items constrained into k non empty...
polyplotPlot rankings on a permutation polytope of 3 o 4 objects...
QuickConsQuick algorithm to find up to 4 solutions to the consensus...
rank2orderGiven a rank, it is transformed to a ordering
reorderingGiven a vector (or a matrix), returns an ordered vector (or a...
scorematrixScore matrix according Emond and Mason (2002)
sportssports data
stirling2Stirling numbers of the second kind
tabulaterowsFrequency distribution of a sample of rankings
tau_xTauX (tau exstension) rank correlation coefficient
univranksGenerate the universe of rankings
USAranksUSA rank data
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