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Random subset of the rankings collected by O'Leary Morgan and Morgon (2010) on the 50 American States. The 368 number of items (the number of American States) is equal to 50, and the number of rankings is equal to 104. These data concern rankings of the 50 American States on three particular aspects: socio-demographic characteristics, health care expenditures and crime statistics.




Amodio, S., D'Ambrosio, A. & Siciliano, R (2015). Accurate algorithms for identifying the median ranking when dealing with weak and partial rankings under the Kemeny axiomatic approach. European Journal of Operational Research. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2015.08.048


O'Leary Morgan, K., Morgon, S., (2010). State Rankings 2010: A Statistical view of America; Crime State Ranking 2010: Crime Across America; Health Care State Rankings 2010: Health Care Across America. CQ Press.



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