DescTools: Tools for Descriptive Statistics

A collection of miscellaneous basic statistic functions and convenience wrappers for efficiently describing data. The author's intention was to create a toolbox, which facilitates the (notoriously time consuming) first descriptive tasks in data analysis, consisting of calculating descriptive statistics, drawing graphical summaries and reporting the results. The package contains furthermore functions to produce documents using MS Word (or PowerPoint) and functions to import data from Excel. Many of the included functions can be found scattered in other packages and other sources written partly by Titans of R. The reason for collecting them here, was primarily to have them consolidated in ONE instead of dozens of packages (which themselves might depend on other packages which are not needed at all), and to provide a common and consistent interface as far as function and arguments naming, NA handling, recycling rules etc. are concerned. Google style guides were used as naming rules (in absence of convincing alternatives). The 'camel style' was consequently applied to functions borrowed from contributed R packages as well.

AuthorAndri Signorell. Includes R source code and/or documentation previously published by (in alphabetical order): Ken Aho, Nanina Anderegg, Tomas Aragon, Antti Arppe, Adrian Baddeley, Kamil Barton, Ben Bolker, Frederico Caeiro, Stephane Champely, Daniel Chessel, Leanne Chhay, Clint Cummins, Michael Dewey, Harold C. Doran, Stephane Dray, Charles Dupont, Dirk Eddelbuettel, Jeff Enos, Claus Ekstrom, Martin Elff, Kamil Erguler, Richard W. Farebrother, John Fox, Romain Francois, Michael Friendly, Tal Galili, Matthias Gamer, Joseph L. Gastwirth, Yulia R. Gel, Juergen Gross, Gabor Grothendieck, Frank E. Harrell Jr, Richard Heiberger, Michael Hoehle, Christian W. Hoffmann, Torsten Hothorn, Markus Huerzeler, Wallace W. Hui, Pete Hurd, Rob J. Hyndman, Pablo J. Villacorta Iglesias, Matthias Kohl, Mikko Korpela, Max Kuhn, Detlew Labes, Friederich Leisch, Jim Lemon, Dong Li, Martin Maechler, Arni Magnusson, Daniel Malter, George Marsaglia, John Marsaglia, Alina Matei, David Meyer, Weiwen Miao, Giovanni Millo, Yongyi Min, David Mitchell, Markus Naepflin, Daniel Navarro, Henric Nilsson, Klaus Nordhausen, Derek Ogle, Hong Ooi, Nick Parsons, Sandrine Pavoine, Tony Plate, Roland Rapold, William Revelle, Tyler Rinker, Brian D. Ripley, Caroline Rodriguez, Nathan Russell, Venkatraman E. Seshan, Greg Snow, Michael Smithson, Werner A. Stahel, Mark Stevenson, Terry Therneau, Yves Tille, Adrian Trapletti, Kevin Ushey, Jeremy VanDerWal, Bill Venables, John Verzani, Gregory R. Warnes, Stefan Wellek, Hadley Wickham, Rand R. Wilcox, Peter Wolf, Daniel Wollschlaeger, Thomas Yee, Achim Zeileis
Date of publication2016-11-04 22:33:51
MaintainerAndri Signorell <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Abind: Combine Multidimensional Arrays

Abstract: Abstract

AddClass: Add and Remove Classes From an Object

AddMonths: Add a Month to a Date

AddMonthsYM: Add a Month to a Date

Agree: Raw Simple And Extended Percentage Agreement

AllDuplicated: Index Vector of All Values Involved in Ties

AndersonDarlingTest: Anderson-Darling Test of Goodness-of-Fit

Arrow: Insert an Arrow

AscToChar: Convert ASCII Codes to Characters and Vice Versa

as.matrix: Convert xtabs To matrix

Asp: Aspect Ratio

Assocs: Association Measures

Atkinson: Calculate the Atkinson Index

AUC: Area Under the Curve

AxisBreak: Place a Break Mark on an Axis

axTicks.POSIXct: Compute Axis Tickmark Locations (For POSIXct Axis)

BarnardTest: Barnard's Unconditional Test

BartelsRankTest: Bartels Rank Test

Benf: Benford's Distribution

Between: Operators To Check, If a Value Lies Within Or Outside a Given...

BinomCI: Confidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions

BinomDiffCI: Confidence Interval for a Difference of Binomials

BinToDec: Converts numbers from binmode, octmode or hexmode to decimal...

BinTree: Binary Tree

BoxCox: Box Cox Transformation

BoxCoxLambda: Automatic Selection of Box Cox Transformation Parameter

BoxedText: Add Text in a Box to a Plot

BreslowDayTest: Breslow-Day Test for Homogeneity of the Odds Ratios

BreuschGodfreyTest: Breusch-Godfrey Test

BrierScore: Brier Score

BubbleLegend: Add a Legend to a Bubble Plot

Canvas: Canvas for Geometric Plotting

CartToPol: Transform Cartesian to Polar/Spherical Coordinates and vice...

CatTable: Function to write a table

CCC: Concordance Correlation Coefficient

ChooseColorDlg: Display Color Dialog to Choose a Color

ClipToVect: Reformat a Table in the Clipboard as Vector

Clockwise: Calculates Begin and End Angle From a List of Given Angles in...

Closest: Find the Closest Value

Coalesce: Return the First Element Not Being NA

CochranArmitageTest: Cochran-Armitage test for trend

CochranQTest: Cochran's Q test

CoefVar: Coefficient of Variation

CohenD: Cohen's Effect Size

CohenKappa: Cohen's Kappa and Weighted Kappa

CollapseTable: Collapse Levels of a Table

ColorLegend: Add a ColorLegend to a Plot

ColPicker: Plot All Named R Colors

ColToGrey: Convert Colors to Grey/Grayscale

ColToHex: Convert a Color into Hex String

ColToHsv: R Color to HSV Conversion

ColToRgb: Color to RGB Conversion

ColumnWrap: ColumnWrap

CombPairs: Get All Pairs out of one or two Sets of Elements

ConDisPairs: Concordant and Discordant Pairs

Conf: Confusion Matrix And Associated Statistics

ConnLines: Add Connection Lines to a Barplot

Contrasts: Pairwise Contrasts

Cor: Correlation, Variance and Covariance (Matrices)

CorPart: Find the Correlations for a Set x of Variables With Set y...

CorPolychor: Polychoric Correlation

CramerV: Cramer's V, Pearson's Contingency Coefficient and Phi...

CramerVonMisesTest: Cramer-von Mises test for normality

CronbachAlpha: Cronbach's Coefficient Alpha

Cstat: C Statistic (Area Under the ROC Curve)

CutQ: Create a Factor Variable Using the Quantiles of a Continuous...

DatasetsforSimulation: Datasets for Probabilistic Simulation

Date: Create a Date from Numeric Representation

DateFunctions: Basic Date Functions Build-in Constants Extension

d.countries: ISO 3166-1 Country Codes Data diamonds

DegToRad: Convert Degrees to Radians and vice versa

DenseRank: Dense Ranks

Desc: Describe Data

DescToolsOptions: DescTools Options

DescTools-package: Tools for Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Data...

DigitSum: Calculate Digit Sum

DivCoef: Rao's diversity coefficient also called quadratic entropy

DivCoefMax: Maximal value of Rao's diversity coefficient also called...

DoCall: Fast Alternative To The Internal ''

d.periodic: Periodic Table of Elements Data pizza

DrawArc: Draw Elliptic or Circular Arc(s)

DrawBand: Draw Confidence Band

DrawBezier: Draw a Bezier Curve

DrawCircle: Draw a Circle

DrawEllipse: Draw an Ellipse

DrawRegPolygon: Draw Regular Polygon(s)

Dummy: Generate Dummy Codes for a Factor

DunnettTest: Dunnett's Test for Comparing Several Treatments With a...

DunnTest: Dunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons

DurbinWatsonTest: Durbin-Watson Test

d.whisky: Classification of Scotch Single Malts

Entropy: Shannon Entropy and Mutual Information

Eps: Greenhouse-Geisser And Huynh-Feldt Epsilons

ErrBars: Add Error Bars to an Existing Plot

EtaSq: Effect size calculations for ANOVAs

Exec: Execute a Command Given As String

ExpFreq: Expected frequencies

Factorize: Prime Factorization of Integers

FctArgs: Retrieve a Function's Arguments

Fibonacci: Fibonacci Numbers

FileOpenCmd: Get Path of a Data File to Be Opened

FindColor: Get Color on a Defined Color Range

FindCorr: Determine highly correlated variables

FisherZ: Fisher r to z and z to r and confidence intervals

FixToTab: Text to Table

Format: Format Numbers and Dates

Frac: Fractional Part and Maximal Digits of a Numeric Value

Freq: Frequency Table

GCD: Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple

GeomTrans: Geometric Transformations

GetCurrWrd: Get a Handle to a Running Word Instance

GetNewPP: Create a new PowerPoint Instance

GetNewWrd: Create a new Word Instance

GetNewXL: Create a new Excel Instance

Gini: Gini Coefficient

GiniSimpson: Compute Gini-Simpson Coefficient

Gmean: Geometric Mean and Standard Deviation

GoodmanKruskalGamma: Goodman Kruskal's Gamma

GoodmanKruskalTau: Goodman Kruskal's Tau

GTest: G-Test for Count Data

Herfindahl: Concentration Measures

HexToCol: Identify closest match to a color given by a hexadecimal...

HexToRgb: Convert a Hexstring Color to a Matrix With Three...

Hmean: Harmonic Mean and Its Confidence Interval

HmsToSec: Convert h:m:s To/From Seconds

HodgesLehmann: Hodges-Lehmann Estimator of Location

HoeffD: Matrix of Hoeffding's D Statistics

HosmerLemeshowTest: Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Tests

HotellingsT: Hotelling's T2 Test

HuberM: Safe (generalized) Huber M-Estimator of Location

HWZdata: Get HWZ Datasets

ICC: Intraclass Correlations (ICC1, ICC2, ICC3 From Shrout and...

IdentifyA: Identify Points in Plot Lying within a Rectangle or Polygon

identify.formula: Identify Points In a Plot Using a Formula.

ImportFileDlg: Import File In Foreign Format

InDots: Is a Specific Argument in the Dots-Arguments?

IsDate: Check if an Object is of Type Date

IsDichotomous: Test If a Variable Contains Only Two Unique Values

IsEuclid: Is a Distance Matrix Euclidean?

IsOdd: Checks If An Integer Is Even Or Odd

IsPrime: IsPrime Property

IsValidWrd: Check Word Pointer

IsWhole: Check a Vector For Being Numeric, Zero Or a Whole Number

JarqueBeraTest: (Robust) Jarque Bera Test

JonckheereTerpstraTest: Exact Version of Jonckheere-Terpstra Test

KappaM: Kappa for m raters

KendallTauA: Kendall's Tau-a

KendallTauB: Kendall Tau-b

KendallW: Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance W

Keywords: List Keywords For R Manual Pages

KrippAlpha: Krippendorff's Alpha Reliability Coefficient

Label: Label, Unit Attribute of an Object

Lambda: Goodman Kruskal Lambda

Large: Kth Smallest/Largest Values

Lc: Lorenz Curve

LehmacherTest: Lehmacher's Test for Marginal Homogenity

LeveneTest: Levene's Test for Homogeneity of Variance

like: Like operator

LillieTest: Lilliefors (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) test for normality

lines.lm: Add a Linear Regression Line

lines.loess: Add a Loess or a Spline Smoother

LineToUser: Convert Line Coordinates To User Coordinates

LinScale: Perform a linear scaling of x

LOCF: Last Observation Carried Forward

LOF: Local Outlier Factor

Logit: Generalized Logit and Inverse Logit function

LogLin: Log Linear Hybrid, Generalized Log

LogSt: Started Logarithmic Transformation and Its Inverse

Lookup: Look Up a Value In a Reference Vector

LsFct: List Objects, Functions Or Data in a Package

MAD: Median Absolute Deviation

MAE: Measures of Accuracy

Mar: Set Plot Margins

Mean: Arithmetic Mean

MeanAD: Mean Absolute Deviation From a Center Point

MeanCI: Confidence Interval for the Mean

MeanDiffCI: Confidence Interval For Difference of Means

MeanSE: Standard error of mean

Median: Median Value

MedianCI: Confidence Interval for the Median

median.factor: Median for Ordered Factors

MHChisqTest: Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Square Test

Midx: Find the Midpoints of a Numeric Vector

MixColor: Compute the convex combination of two colors

Mode: Mode

MosesTest: Moses Test of Extreme Reactions

MoveAvg: Moving Average

MultinomCI: Confidence Intervals for Multinomial Proportions

NemenyiTest: Nemenyi Test

nin: Find Matching (or Non-Matching) Elements

NPV: One Period Returns, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of...

OddsRatio: Odds Ratio Estimation and Confidence Intervals

ORToRelRisk: Transform Odds Ratio to Relative Risk

Outlier: Outlier

overlaps: Determines If And How Extensively Two Date Ranges Overlap

PageTest: Exact Page Test for Ordered Alternatives

PairApply: Pairwise Calculations

Pal: Some Custom Palettes

ParseFormula: Parse a Formula and Create a Model Frame

ParseSASDatalines: Parse a SAS Dataline Command

PartitionBy: PartitionBy Evaluates a Function Groupwise

PasswordDlg: Password Dialog

paste: Concatenates two strings without any separator.

PDFManual: Get PDF Manual Of a Package From CRAN

PearsonTest: Pearson chi-square test for normality

PercTable: Percentage Table

Permn: Number and Samples for Permutations or Combinations of a Set

PlotACF: Combined Plot of a Time Series and its ACF and PACF

PlotArea: Create an Area Plot

PlotBag: PlotBag, a bivariate boxplot

PlotBubble: Draw a Bubble Plot

PlotCandlestick: Plot Candlestick Chart

PlotCirc: Plot Circular Plot

PlotCorr: Plot a Correlation Matrix

PlotDot: Cleveland's Dot Plots

PlotECDF: Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function

PlotFaces: Chernoff Faces

PlotFdist: Frequency Distribution Plot

PlotFun: Plot a Function

PlotLinesA: Plot Lines

PlotLog: Logarithmic Plot

PlotMarDens: Scatterplot with Marginal Densities

PlotMatrix: Scatterplot Matrix

PlotMiss: Plot Missing Data

PlotMonth: Plot Monthly or Seasonal Effects Of a Univariate Time Series

PlotMosaic: Mosaic Plots

PlotMultiDens: Plot Multiple Density Curves

PlotPch: Information plots

PlotPolar: Plot Values on a Circular Grid

PlotPyramid: Draw a Back To Back Pyramid Plot

PlotQQ: QQ-Plot for Any Distribution

PlotTernary: Ternary or Triangular Plots.

PlotTreemap: Create a Treemap

PlotVenn: Plot a Venn Diagram

PlotViolin: Plot Violins Instead of Boxplots

PlotWeb: Plot a Web of Connected Points

PoissonCI: Poisson Confidence Interval

PolarGrid: Plot a Grid in Polar Coordinates

PostHocTest: Post-Hoc Tests

power.chisq.test: Power Calculations for ChiSquared Tests

PpPlot: Add Slides, Insert Texts and Plots to PowerPoint

Primes: Find all Primes Less Than n

PseudoR2: Pseudo R2 Statistics

PtInPoly: Point in Polygon

Range: (Robust) Range

Recode: Recode a Factor

Recycle: Recyle a List of Elements

RelRisk: Relative Risk

Rename: Change Names of a Named Object

ReorderFactor: Reorder the Levels of a Factor

Rev: Reverse Elements of a Vector or the Rows/Columns of Matrices...

RevGumbel: "Reverse" Gumbel Distribution Functions

RgbToCol: Find the Named R-Color Which Is Nearest to a Given RGB-Color

RndPairs: Create Pairs of Correlated Random Numbers

RobScale: Robust Scaling With Median and Mad

RomanToInt: Convert Roman Numerals to Integers

Rotate: Rotate a Geometric Structure

RoundTo: Round to Multiple

RunsTest: Runs Test for Randomness

SampleTwins: Sample Twins

SaveAsDlg: Save R Objects By Choosing a File Interactively

ScheffeTest: Scheffe Test for Pairwise and Otherwise Comparisons

SD: Standard Deviation

SelectVarDlg: Select Elements of a Set by Click

SetAlpha: Add an Alpha Channel To a Color

SetRowNames: Set the Row Names and Column Names in an Object

Shade: Produce a Shaded Curve

ShapiroFranciaTest: Shapiro-Francia test for normality

SiegelTukeyTest: Siegel-Tukey Test For Equality In Variability

SignTest: Sign Test

Skew: Skewness and Kurtosis

SmoothSpline: Formula Interface For 'smooth.spline'

Some: Return Some Randomly Chosen Elements of an Object

SomersDelta: Somers' Delta

Sort: Sort a Vector, a Matrix, a Table or a Data.frame

SortMixed: Order or Sort Strings With Embedded Numbers So That The...

SpearmanRho: Spearman Rank Correlation

split.formula: Formula Interface for Split

SplitPath: Split Path In Drive, Path, Filename

SpreadOut: Spread Out a Vector of Numbers To a Minimum Interval

Stamp: Date/Time/Directory Stamp the Current Plot

StdCoef: Standardized model coefficients

Str: Compactly Display the Structure of an Arbitrary R Object

StrAbbr: String Abbreviation

StrAlign: String Alignment

Strata: Stratified sampling

StrCap: Capitalize the First Letter of a String

StrChop: Split a String in a Number of Pieces With Fixed Length

StrCountW: Count Words in a String

StrDist: Compute Distances Between Strings

StrExtract: Extract Part of a String

StrIsNumeric: Does a String Contain Only Numeric Data

StrPad: Pad a String With Justification

StrPos: Find Position of First Occurrence Of a String

StrRep: Repeat the Elements of a Character Vector

StrRev: Reverse a String

StrRight: Returns the Left Or the Right Part Of a String

StrTrim: Remove Leading/Trailing Whitespace From A String

StrTrunc: Truncate Strings and Add Ellipses If a String is Truncated.

StrVal: Extract All Numeric Values From a String

StuartMaxwellTest: Stuart-Maxwell Marginal Homogeneity Test

StuartTauC: Stuart Tau C

SysInfo: System Information

TextContrastColor: Choose Textcolor Depending on Background Color

TextToTable: Converts String To a Table

TheilU: Theil's U index of inequality

TMod: Comparison Table For Linear Models

TOne: Create Table One Describing Baseline Characteristics

ToWide: Reshape a Vector From Long to Wide Shape Or Vice Versa

ToWrd: Send Objects to Word

Trim: Trim a Vector

TukeyBiweight: Calculate Tukey's Biweight Robust Mean

UncertCoef: Uncertainty Coefficient

UnitConv: Unit Conversion

Untable: Recover Original Data From Contingency Table

VarCI: Confidence Interval for the Variance

VarTest: ChiSquare Test for One Variance and F Test to Compare Two...

VecRot: Vector Rotation

VIF: Variance Inflation Factors

Vigenere: Vigenere Cypher

wdConst: Word VBA constants

Winsorize: Winsorize

WoolfTest: Woolf Test

WrdCaption: Insert Caption to Word

WrdCellRange: Return the Cell Range Of a Word Table

WrdFont: Get or Set the Font in Word

WrdFormatCells: Format Cells Of a Word Table

WrdInsertBookmark: Insert a Bookmark, Goto Bookmark and Update the Text of a...

WrdMergeCells: Merges Cells Of a Defined Word Table Range

WrdParagraphFormat: Get or Set the Paragraph Format in Word

WrdPlot: Insert Active Plot to Word

WrdStyle: Get or Set the Style in Word

WrdTable: Insert a Table in a Word Document

WrdTableBorders: Draw Borders to a Word Table

XLDateToPOSIXct: Convert Excel Dates to POSIXct

XLGetRange: Import Data Directly From Excel

XLView: Use Excel as Viewer for a Data.Frame

Xplore: Interactive Graphical Data Explorer

YuenTTest: Yuen t-Test For Trimmed Means

ZeroIfNA: Replace NAs by 0

Zodiac: Calculate the Zodiac of a Date

ZTest: Z Test for Known Population Standard Deviation

Files in this package

DescTools/R/Desc.R DescTools/R/RcppExports.R
DescTools/man/Contrasts.Rd DescTools/man/HmsToSec.Rd DescTools/man/StrPad.Rd DescTools/man/HuberM.Rd DescTools/man/MeanDiffCI.Rd DescTools/man/PlotPch.Rd DescTools/man/SiegelTukeyTest.Rd DescTools/man/median.factor.Rd DescTools/man/Vigenere.Rd DescTools/man/PostHocTest.Rd DescTools/man/StuartMaxwellTest.Rd DescTools/man/Outlier.Rd DescTools/man/WrdFont.Rd DescTools/man/PtInPoly.Rd DescTools/man/d.countries.Rd DescTools/man/MeanSE.Rd DescTools/man/BrierScore.Rd DescTools/man/Median.Rd DescTools/man/YuenTTest.Rd DescTools/man/TextContrastColor.Rd DescTools/man/LineToUser.Rd DescTools/man/RoundTo.Rd DescTools/man/CohenD.Rd DescTools/man/WoolfTest.Rd DescTools/man/WrdCellRange.Rd
DescTools/man/Xplore.Rd DescTools/man/Gmean.Rd DescTools/man/MixColor.Rd DescTools/man/DunnTest.Rd DescTools/man/PercTable.Rd DescTools/man/ DescTools/man/SmoothSpline.Rd DescTools/man/RobScale.Rd DescTools/man/SampleTwins.Rd DescTools/man/StrRep.Rd DescTools/man/VarTest.Rd DescTools/man/CramerV.Rd DescTools/man/Label.Rd DescTools/man/StrDist.Rd DescTools/man/CorPolychor.Rd DescTools/man/WrdInsertBookmark.Rd DescTools/man/TOne.Rd DescTools/man/CollapseTable.Rd DescTools/man/WrdMergeCells.Rd DescTools/man/ReorderFactor.Rd DescTools/man/LehmacherTest.Rd DescTools/man/PlotFdist.Rd DescTools/man/DrawEllipse.Rd DescTools/man/AxisBreak.Rd DescTools/man/IsPrime.Rd DescTools/man/NemenyiTest.Rd DescTools/man/FileOpenCmd.Rd DescTools/man/BreuschGodfreyTest.Rd DescTools/man/PoissonCI.Rd DescTools/man/Agree.Rd DescTools/man/AddMonthsYM.Rd DescTools/man/Mar.Rd DescTools/man/KrippAlpha.Rd DescTools/man/StrCountW.Rd DescTools/man/SpearmanRho.Rd DescTools/man/ImportFileDlg.Rd DescTools/man/KendallTauA.Rd DescTools/man/XLView.Rd DescTools/man/Midx.Rd DescTools/man/IsValidWrd.Rd DescTools/man/ParseFormula.Rd DescTools/man/CutQ.Rd DescTools/man/Winsorize.Rd
DescTools/man/StrRight.Rd DescTools/man/WrdFormatCells.Rd DescTools/man/WrdStyle.Rd DescTools/man/DrawRegPolygon.Rd DescTools/man/Untable.Rd DescTools/man/HWZdata.Rd DescTools/man/BreslowDayTest.Rd DescTools/man/SysInfo.Rd DescTools/man/Sort.Rd DescTools/man/StrIsNumeric.Rd DescTools/man/Entropy.Rd DescTools/man/Between.Rd DescTools/man/ShapiroFranciaTest.Rd DescTools/man/SignTest.Rd DescTools/man/BinTree.Rd DescTools/man/ConnLines.Rd DescTools/man/PlotCorr.Rd DescTools/man/Lookup.Rd DescTools/man/Large.Rd DescTools/man/ColToGrey.Rd DescTools/man/Logit.Rd DescTools/man/Keywords.Rd DescTools/man/GCD.Rd DescTools/man/StrCap.Rd DescTools/man/Factorize.Rd DescTools/man/lines.lm.Rd DescTools/man/StrExtract.Rd DescTools/man/Pal.Rd DescTools/man/Trim.Rd DescTools/man/LsFct.Rd DescTools/man/BinomDiffCI.Rd DescTools/man/WrdPlot.Rd DescTools/man/AUC.Rd DescTools/man/Hmean.Rd DescTools/man/StrPos.Rd DescTools/man/CoefVar.Rd DescTools/man/power.chisq.test.Rd DescTools/man/ExpFreq.Rd DescTools/man/PlotViolin.Rd DescTools/man/IdentifyA.Rd DescTools/man/TukeyBiweight.Rd DescTools/man/GetCurrWrd.Rd DescTools/man/GeomTrans.Rd DescTools/man/Recycle.Rd DescTools/man/CorPart.Rd DescTools/man/lines.loess.Rd DescTools/man/InDots.Rd DescTools/man/PartitionBy.Rd DescTools/man/PDFManual.Rd DescTools/man/BinomCI.Rd DescTools/man/FindCorr.Rd DescTools/man/StrChop.Rd DescTools/man/PlotCandlestick.Rd DescTools/man/WrdTableBorders.Rd DescTools/man/Benf.Rd DescTools/man/StrTrim.Rd DescTools/man/nin.Rd DescTools/man/MoveAvg.Rd DescTools/man/PlotQQ.Rd DescTools/man/PlotArea.Rd DescTools/man/ToWrd.Rd DescTools/man/NPV.Rd DescTools/man/TextToTable.Rd DescTools/man/CatTable.Rd DescTools/man/identify.formula.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMosaic.Rd DescTools/man/PlotTernary.Rd DescTools/man/BartelsRankTest.Rd DescTools/man/overlaps.Rd DescTools/man/d.periodic.Rd DescTools/man/BoxCoxLambda.Rd DescTools/man/Primes.Rd DescTools/man/ErrBars.Rd DescTools/man/RomanToInt.Rd DescTools/man/DrawBezier.Rd DescTools/man/Permn.Rd DescTools/man/DivCoef.Rd DescTools/man/VarCI.Rd DescTools/man/GoodmanKruskalTau.Rd DescTools/man/PlotLog.Rd DescTools/man/Dummy.Rd DescTools/man/LogLin.Rd DescTools/man/StrAbbr.Rd DescTools/man/StrRev.Rd DescTools/man/MeanCI.Rd DescTools/man/Desc.Rd DescTools/man/JarqueBeraTest.Rd DescTools/man/ColToHex.Rd DescTools/man/BinToDec.Rd DescTools/man/AddMonths.Rd DescTools/man/PlotPyramid.Rd DescTools/man/Fibonacci.Rd DescTools/man/ColorLegend.Rd DescTools/man/SetAlpha.Rd DescTools/man/PasswordDlg.Rd DescTools/man/XLGetRange.Rd DescTools/man/ColPicker.Rd DescTools/man/SaveAsDlg.Rd DescTools/man/FctArgs.Rd DescTools/man/MeanAD.Rd DescTools/man/axTicks.POSIXct.Rd DescTools/man/BoxedText.Rd DescTools/man/BoxCox.Rd DescTools/man/HoeffD.Rd DescTools/man/Frac.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMatrix.Rd DescTools/man/Arrow.Rd DescTools/man/DateFunctions.Rd DescTools/man/RgbToCol.Rd DescTools/man/WrdParagraphFormat.Rd DescTools/man/DenseRank.Rd DescTools/man/wdConst.Rd DescTools/man/LeveneTest.Rd DescTools/man/CronbachAlpha.Rd DescTools/man/GoodmanKruskalGamma.Rd DescTools/man/Conf.Rd DescTools/man/PolarGrid.Rd DescTools/man/IsDate.Rd DescTools/man/ZeroIfNA.Rd DescTools/man/FisherZ.Rd DescTools/man/like.Rd DescTools/man/BarnardTest.Rd DescTools/man/HosmerLemeshowTest.Rd DescTools/man/PseudoR2.Rd DescTools/man/DrawBand.Rd DescTools/man/IsEuclid.Rd DescTools/man/ColumnWrap.Rd DescTools/man/StrVal.Rd DescTools/man/paste.Rd DescTools/man/PageTest.Rd DescTools/man/StrAlign.Rd DescTools/man/DoCall.Rd DescTools/man/DrawCircle.Rd DescTools/man/LOF.Rd DescTools/man/SomersDelta.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMultiDens.Rd DescTools/man/CochranArmitageTest.Rd DescTools/man/TMod.Rd DescTools/man/Mode.Rd DescTools/man/DrawArc.Rd DescTools/man/CochranQTest.Rd DescTools/man/ZTest.Rd DescTools/man/ToWide.Rd DescTools/man/DurbinWatsonTest.Rd DescTools/man/ DescTools/man/Abind.Rd DescTools/man/Herfindahl.Rd DescTools/man/AddClass.Rd DescTools/man/LinScale.Rd DescTools/man/GetNewPP.Rd DescTools/man/PlotDot.Rd DescTools/man/Abstract.Rd DescTools/man/CCC.Rd DescTools/man/PairApply.Rd DescTools/man/MAE.Rd DescTools/man/ColToRgb.Rd DescTools/man/GetNewXL.Rd DescTools/man/Cstat.Rd DescTools/man/Str.Rd DescTools/man/DegToRad.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMarDens.Rd DescTools/man/DivCoefMax.Rd DescTools/man/DigitSum.Rd DescTools/man/GTest.Rd DescTools/man/HexToRgb.Rd DescTools/man/Eps.Rd DescTools/man/RndPairs.Rd DescTools/man/Strata.Rd DescTools/man/PearsonTest.Rd DescTools/man/Atkinson.Rd DescTools/man/PlotFaces.Rd DescTools/man/FixToTab.Rd DescTools/man/SetRowNames.Rd DescTools/man/Clockwise.Rd DescTools/man/PpPlot.Rd DescTools/man/Lc.Rd DescTools/man/MultinomCI.Rd DescTools/man/CartToPol.Rd DescTools/man/SortMixed.Rd DescTools/man/SD.Rd DescTools/man/ORToRelRisk.Rd DescTools/man/AscToChar.Rd DescTools/man/IsOdd.Rd DescTools/man/Cor.Rd DescTools/man/Zodiac.Rd DescTools/man/PlotBag.Rd DescTools/man/MosesTest.Rd DescTools/man/Gini.Rd DescTools/man/ConDisPairs.Rd DescTools/man/CohenKappa.Rd DescTools/man/ColToHsv.Rd DescTools/man/ParseSASDatalines.Rd DescTools/man/DunnettTest.Rd DescTools/man/FindColor.Rd DescTools/man/WrdTable.Rd DescTools/man/XLDateToPOSIXct.Rd DescTools/man/Skew.Rd DescTools/man/MHChisqTest.Rd DescTools/man/BubbleLegend.Rd DescTools/man/Mean.Rd DescTools/man/ChooseColorDlg.Rd DescTools/man/AllDuplicated.Rd DescTools/man/GiniSimpson.Rd DescTools/man/ DescTools/man/MAD.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMiss.Rd DescTools/man/DescTools-package.Rd DescTools/man/PlotBubble.Rd DescTools/man/LogSt.Rd DescTools/man/CramerVonMisesTest.Rd DescTools/man/PlotWeb.Rd DescTools/man/Range.Rd DescTools/man/HexToCol.Rd DescTools/man/PlotCirc.Rd DescTools/man/VecRot.Rd DescTools/man/PlotFun.Rd DescTools/man/Some.Rd DescTools/man/ClipToVect.Rd DescTools/man/PlotECDF.Rd DescTools/man/DescToolsOptions.Rd DescTools/man/Closest.Rd DescTools/man/d.whisky.Rd DescTools/man/as.matrix.Rd DescTools/man/Shade.Rd DescTools/man/UncertCoef.Rd DescTools/man/PlotTreemap.Rd DescTools/man/Asp.Rd DescTools/man/RunsTest.Rd DescTools/man/LillieTest.Rd DescTools/man/SpreadOut.Rd DescTools/man/MedianCI.Rd DescTools/man/ScheffeTest.Rd DescTools/man/SelectVarDlg.Rd DescTools/man/IsDichotomous.Rd DescTools/man/PlotVenn.Rd DescTools/man/AndersonDarlingTest.Rd DescTools/man/SplitPath.Rd DescTools/man/PlotMonth.Rd DescTools/man/KendallW.Rd DescTools/man/Rotate.Rd DescTools/man/Freq.Rd DescTools/man/GetNewWrd.Rd DescTools/man/Recode.Rd DescTools/man/EtaSq.Rd DescTools/man/Lambda.Rd DescTools/man/PlotLinesA.Rd DescTools/man/CombPairs.Rd DescTools/man/Assocs.Rd DescTools/man/UnitConv.Rd DescTools/man/StuartTauC.Rd DescTools/man/DatasetsforSimulation.Rd DescTools/man/Coalesce.Rd DescTools/man/HotellingsT.Rd DescTools/man/IsWhole.Rd DescTools/man/WrdCaption.Rd DescTools/man/PlotACF.Rd DescTools/man/Format.Rd DescTools/man/HodgesLehmann.Rd DescTools/man/Date.Rd DescTools/man/Canvas.Rd DescTools/man/RevGumbel.Rd DescTools/man/JonckheereTerpstraTest.Rd DescTools/man/Rename.Rd DescTools/man/TheilU.Rd DescTools/man/PlotPolar.Rd DescTools/man/RelRisk.Rd DescTools/man/KendallTauB.Rd DescTools/man/ICC.Rd DescTools/man/StdCoef.Rd DescTools/man/KappaM.Rd DescTools/man/Exec.Rd DescTools/man/VIF.Rd DescTools/man/Stamp.Rd DescTools/man/LOCF.Rd DescTools/man/Rev.Rd DescTools/man/split.formula.Rd DescTools/man/OddsRatio.Rd DescTools/man/StrTrunc.Rd

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