Man pages for DescTools
Tools for Descriptive Statistics

ABCCoordsCoordinates for "bottomright", etc.
AbindCombine Multidimensional Arrays
AbstractDisplay Compact Abstract of a Data Frame
AddMonthsAdd a Month to a Date
AddMonthsYMAdd a Month to a Date in YearMonth Format
AgreeRaw Simple And Extended Percentage Agreement
AllDuplicatedIndex Vector of All Values Involved in Ties
AllIdenticalTest Multiple Objects for Exact Equality
AndersonDarlingTestAnderson-Darling Test of Goodness-of-Fit
AppendAppend Elements to Objects
ArrowInsert an Arrow Into a Plot
AscToCharConvert ASCII Codes to Characters and Vice Versa
as.matrixConvert xtabs To matrix
AspGet Aspect Ratio of the Current Plot
AssocsAssociation Measures
AtkinsonAtkinson Index - A Measure of Inequality.
AUCArea Under the Curve
AxisBreakPlace a Break Mark on an Axis
axTicks.POSIXctCompute Axis Tickmark Locations (For POSIXct Axis)
BarnardTestBarnard's Unconditional Test
BartelsRankTestBartels Rank Test of Randomness
BarTextPlace Value Labels on a Barplot
BaseConversionsConverts Numbers From Binmode, Octmode or Hexmode to Decimal...
BenfBenford's Distribution
BetweenOperators To Check, If a Value Lies Within Or Outside a Given...
BgBackground of a Plot
BhapkarTestBhapkar Marginal Homogeneity Test
BinomCIConfidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions
BinomCInSample Size for a Given Width of a Binomial Confidence...
BinomDiffCIConfidence Interval for a Difference of Binomials
BinomRatioCIConfidence Intervals for the Ratio of Binomial Proportions
BinTreeBinary Tree
BootCISimple Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
BoxCoxBox Cox Transformation
BoxCoxLambdaAutomatic Selection of Box Cox Transformation Parameter
BoxedTextAdd Text in a Box to a Plot
BreslowDayTestBreslow-Day Test for Homogeneity of the Odds Ratios
BreuschGodfreyTestBreusch-Godfrey Test
BrierScoreBrier Score for Assessing Prediction Accuracy
BubbleLegendAdd a Legend to a Bubble Plot
CanvasCanvas for Geometric Plotting
CartToPolTransform Cartesian to Polar/Spherical Coordinates and Vice...
CatTableFunction to write a table
CCCConcordance Correlation Coefficient
ClockwiseCalculates Begin and End Angle From a List of Given Angles in...
ClosestFind the Closest Value
CoalesceReturn the First Element Not Being NA
CochranArmitageTestCochran-Armitage Test for Trend
CochranQTestCochran's Q test
CoefVarCoefficient of Variation
CohenDCohen's Effect Size
CohenKappaCohen's Kappa and Weighted Kappa
CollapseTableCollapse Levels of a Table
ColorLegendAdd a ColorLegend to a Plot
ColToGreyConvert Colors to Grey/Grayscale
ColToHexConvert a Color or a RGB-color Into Hex String
ColToHsvR Color to HSV Conversion
ColToRgbColor to RGB Conversion
ColumnWrapColumn Wrap
CombPairsGet All Pairs Out of One or Two Sets of Elements
CompleteColumnsFind Complete Columns
ConDisPairsConcordant and Discordant Pairs
ConfConfusion Matrix And Associated Statistics
ConnLinesAdd Connection Lines to a Barplot
ConoverTestConover's Test of Multiple Comparisons
ContrastsPairwise Contrasts
ConvUnitUnit Conversion and Metrix Prefixes
CorCovariance and Correlation (Matrices)
CorPartFind the Correlations for a Set x of Variables With Set y...
CorPolychorPolychoric Correlation
CountCompCasesCount Complete Cases
CountWorkDaysCount Work Days Between Two Dates
CourseDataGet HWZ Datasets
CramerVCramer's V, Pearson's Contingency Coefficient and Phi...
CramerVonMisesTestCramer-von Mises Test for Normality
CronbachAlphaCronbach's Coefficient Alpha
CrossVector Cross Product
CrossNn-dimensional Vector Cross Product
CstatC Statistic (Area Under the ROC Curve)
CutQCreate a Factor Variable Using the Quantiles of a Continuous...
DatasetsforSimulationDatasets for Probabilistic Simulation
DateFunctionsBasic Date Functions
day.nameBuild-in Constants Extension
d.countriesISO 3166-1 Country Codes
d.diamondsData diamonds
DegToRadConvert Degrees to Radians and Vice Versa
DescDescribe Data
DescToolsOptionsDescTools Options
DescTools-packageTools for Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Data...
DigitSumCalculate Digit Sum
DivCoefRao's Diversity Coefficient
DivCoefMaxMaximal value of Rao's diversity coefficient also called...
DivisorsCalculate Divisors
DoByEvaluates a Function Groupwise
DoCallFast Alternative To The Internal ''
DotScalar Product
d.periodicPeriodic Table of Elements
d.pizzaData pizza
DrawArcDraw Elliptic Arc(s)
DrawBandDraw Confidence Band
DrawBezierDraw a Bezier Curve
DrawCircleDraw a Circle
DrawEllipseDraw an Ellipse
DrawRegPolygonDraw Regular Polygon(s)
DummyGenerate Dummy Codes for a Factor
DunnettTestDunnett's Test for Comparing Several Treatments With a...
DunnTestDunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons
DurbinWatsonTestDurbin-Watson Test
d.whiskyClassification of Scotch Single Malts
EntropyShannon Entropy and Mutual Information
EpsGreenhouse-Geisser And Huynh-Feldt Epsilons
ErrBarsAdd Error Bars to an Existing Plot
EtaSqEffect Size Calculations for ANOVAs
EXExpected Value and Variance
ExpFreqExpected Frequencies
ExtrValDistributions of Maxima and Minima
FactorizePrime Factorization of Integers
FctArgsRetrieve a Function's Arguments
FibonacciFibonacci Numbers
FindColorGet Color on a Defined Color Range
FindCorrDetermine Highly Correlated Variables
FisherZFisher-Transformation for Correlation to z-Score
FixToTableConvert a Text to a Table
FormatFormat Numbers and Dates
FracFractional Part and Maximal Digits of a Numeric Value
FrechetThe Frechet Distribution
FreqFrequency Table for a Single Variable
Freq2DBivariate (Two-Dimensional) Frequency Distribution
GCDGreatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple
GenExtrValThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
GenParetoThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
GenRandGroupsGenerate Random Groups
GeomSnGeometric Series
GeomTransGeometric Transformations
GetCallsReturn All Used Functions Within a Function
GetCurrWrdGet a Handle to a Running Word/Excel Instance
GetNewWrdCreate a New Word Instance
GetNewXLCreate a New Excel Instance
GiniGini Coefficient
GiniSimpsonGini-Simpson Coefficient, Gini-Deltas coefficient and...
GmeanGeometric Mean and Standard Deviation
GompertzThe Gompertz distribution
GoodmanKruskalGammaGoodman Kruskal's Gamma
GoodmanKruskalTauGoodman Kruskal's Tau
GTestG-Test for Count Data
GumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
HerfindahlConcentration Measures
HexToColIdentify Closest Match to a Color Given by a Hexadecimal...
HexToRgbConvert a Hexstring Color to a Matrix With Three...
HmeanHarmonic Mean and Its Confidence Interval
HmsToSecConvert h:m:s To/From Seconds
HodgesLehmannHodges-Lehmann Estimator of Location
HoeffDMatrix of Hoeffding's D Statistics
HosmerLemeshowTestHosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Tests
HotellingsTHotelling's T2 Test
HuberMSafe (generalized) Huber M-Estimator of Location
ICCIntraclass Correlations (ICC1, ICC2, ICC3 From Shrout and...
IdentifyAIdentify Points in Plot Lying Within a Rectangle or Polygon
identify.formulaIdentify Points In a Plot Using a Formula
InDotsIs a Specific Argument in the Dots-Arguments?
IQRwThe (weighted) Interquartile Range
IsDateCheck If an Object Is of Type Date
IsDichotomousTest If a Variable Contains Only Two Unique Values
IsEuclidIs a Distance Matrix Euclidean?
IsOddChecks If An Integer Is Even Or Odd
IsPrimeIsPrime Property
IsValidHwndCheck Windows Pointer
IsWholeCheck a Vector For Being Numeric, Zero Or a Whole Number
JarqueBeraTest(Robust) Jarque Bera Test
JonckheereTerpstraTestExact Version of Jonckheere-Terpstra Test
KappaMKappa for m Raters
KendallTauAKendall's Tau-a
KendallTauBKendall's Tau-b
KendallWKendall's Coefficient of Concordance W
KeywordsList Keywords For R Manual Pages
KnnImputationFill in NA values with the values of the nearest neighbours
KrippAlphaKrippendorff's Alpha Reliability Coefficient
LabelLabel, Unit Attribute of an Object
LambdaGoodman Kruskal Lambda
LargeKth Smallest/Largest Values
LcLorenz Curve
LehmacherTestLehmacher's Test for Marginal Homogenity
LeveneTestLevene's Test for Homogeneity of Variance
likeLike Operator
LillieTestLilliefors (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) Test for Normality
lines.lmAdd a Linear Regression Line
lines.loessAdd a Loess or a Spline Smoother
LineToUserConvert Line Coordinates To User Coordinates
LinScaleLinear Scaling
LOCFLast Observation Carried Forward
LOFLocal Outlier Factor
LogitGeneralized Logit and Inverse Logit Function
LogStStarted Logarithmic Transformation and Its Inverse
LsFctList Objects, Functions Or Data in a Package
MADMedian Absolute Deviation
MADCIConfidence Intervals for Median Absolute Deviations
MAEMeasures of Accuracy
MarSet Plot Margins and Distances
matpowMatrix Power
Mean(Weighted) Arithmetic Mean
MeanADMean Absolute Deviation From a Center Point
MeanCIConfidence Interval for the Mean
MeanCInSample Size for a Given Width of a Confidence Interval for a...
MeanDiffCIConfidence Interval For Difference of Means
MeanSEStandard Error of Mean
Median(Weighted) Median Value
MedianCIConfidence Interval for the Median
MgsubMultiple Gsub
MHChisqTestMantel-Haenszel Chi-Square Test
MidxFind the Midpoints of a Numeric Vector
MixColorCompute the Convex Combination of Two Colors
ModeMode, Most Frequent Value(s)
MosesTestMoses Test of Extreme Reactions
MoveAvgMoving Average
MultinomCIConfidence Intervals for Multinomial Proportions
MultMergeMerge Multiple Data Frames
nSome Aliases Set for Convenience
NemenyiTestNemenyi Test
NfAs Numeric Factor
ninFind Matching (or Non-Matching) Elements
NPVShort Selection of Financial Mathematical Functions
OddsRatioOdds Ratio Estimation and Confidence Intervals
OrderDistributions of Order Statistics
ORToRelRiskTransform Odds Ratio to Relative Risk
overlapsDetermines If And How Extensively Two Date Ranges Overlap
PageTestExact Page Test for Ordered Alternatives
PairApplyPairwise Calculations
PalSome Custom Palettes
ParseFormulaParse a Formula and Create a Model Frame
ParseSASDatalinesParse a SAS Dataline Command
PasswordDlgPassword Dialog
pasteConcatenates Two Strings Without Any Separator
PDFManualGet PDF Manual of a Package From CRAN
PearsonTestPearson Chi-Square Test for Normality
PercentRankPercent Ranks
PercTablePercentage Table
PermnNumber and Samples for Permutations or Combinations of a Set
PhrasePhrasing Results of t-Test
PlotACFCombined Plot of a Time Series and Its ACF and PACF
PlotAreaCreate an Area Plot
PlotBagBivariate Boxplot
PlotBubbleDraw a Bubble Plot
PlotCandlestickPlot Candlestick Chart
PlotCashFlowCash Flow Plot
PlotCircPlot Circular Plot
PlotConDensPlot Conditional Densities
PlotCorrPlot a Correlation Matrix
PlotDotCleveland's Dot Plots
PlotECDFEmpirical Cumulative Distribution Function
PlotFacesChernoff Faces
PlotFdistFrequency Distribution Plot
PlotFunPlot a Function
PlotLinesAPlot Lines
PlotLogLogarithmic Plot
PlotMarDensScatterplot With Marginal Densities
PlotMissPlot Missing Data
PlotMonthCycle Plot for Seasonal Effects of an Univariate Time Series
PlotMosaicMosaic Plots
PlotMultiDensPlot Multiple Density Curves
PlotPairsExtended Scatterplot Matrices
PlotPolarPlot Values on a Circular Grid
PlotProbDistPlot Probability Distribution
PlotPyramidDraw a Back To Back Pyramid Plot
PlotQQQQ-Plot for Any Distribution
PlotTernaryTernary or Triangular Plots
PlotTreemapCreate a Treemap
PlotVennPlot a Venn Diagram
PlotViolinPlot Violins Instead of Boxplots
PlotWebPlot a Web of Connected Points
PMTPeriodic Payment of an Annuity.
PoissonCIPoisson Confidence Interval
PolarGridPlot a Grid in Polar Coordinates
PostHocTestPost-Hoc Tests
power.chisq.testPower Calculations for ChiSquared Tests
PpPlotAdd Slides, Insert Texts and Plots to PowerPoint
PrimesFind All Primes Less Than n
PseudoR2Pseudo R2 Statistics
PtInPolyPoint in Polygon
Quantile(Weighted) Sample Quantiles
QuantileCIConfidence Interval for Any Quantile
QuotLagged Quotients
Range(Robust) Range
RankFast Sample Ranks
RecodeRecode a Factor
RecycleRecyle a List of Elements
RelRiskRelative Risk
RenameChange Names of a Named Object
ReorderFactorReorder the Levels of a Factor
RevReverse Elements of a Vector, a Matrix, a Table, an Array or...
RevCodeReverse Codes
RevGumbel"Reverse" Gumbel Distribution Functions
RevWeibullThe Reverse Weibull Distribution
RgbOpaqueEquivalent Opaque Color for Transparent Color
RgbToCmyConversion Between RGB and CMYK
RgbToColFind the Nearest Named R-Color to a Given RGB-Color
RndPairsCreate Pairs of Correlated Random Numbers
RobScaleRobust Scaling With Median and Mad
RomanToIntConvert Roman Numerals to Integers
RotateRotate a Geometric Structure
RoundToRound to Multiple
RSessionAliveHow Long Has the RSession Been Running?
rSum21Random Numbers Adding Up to 1
RunsTestRuns Test for Randomness
SampleRandom Samples and Permutations
SampleTwinsSample Twins
SaveAsSaves an R Object Under a Different Name
ScheffeTestScheffe Test for Pairwise and Otherwise Comparisons
SD(Weighted) Standard Deviation
SendOutlookMailSend a Mail Using Outlook as Mail Client
SetAlphaAdd an Alpha Channel To a Color
SetNamesSet the Names in an Object
ShadeProduce a Shaded Curve
ShapiroFranciaTestShapiro-Francia Test for Normality
SiegelTukeyTestSiegel-Tukey Test For Equality In Variability
SignTestSign Test
SkewSkewness and Kurtosis
SLNSeveral Methods of Depreciation of an Asset
SmoothSplineFormula Interface For 'smooth.spline'
SomeReturn Some Randomly Chosen Elements of an Object
SomersDeltaSomers' Delta
SortSort a Vector, a Matrix, a Table or a Data.frame
SortMixedSort Strings with Embedded Numbers Based on Their Numeric...
SpearmanRhoSpearman Rank Correlation
SplitAtSplit a Vector Into Several Pieces at Given Positions
split.formulaFormula Interface for Split
SplitPathSplit Path In Drive, Path, Filename
SplitToColSplit Data Frame String Column Into Multiple Columns
SplitToDummySplit Strings of a Vector and Provide Dummy Codes for Found...
SpreadOutSpread Out a Vector of Numbers To a Minimum Interval
StampDate/Time/Directory Stamp the Current Plot
StdCoefStandardized Model Coefficients
StrCompactly Display the Structure of any R Object
StrAbbrString Abbreviation
StrAlignString Alignment
StrataStratified Sampling
StrCapCapitalize the First Letter of a String
StrChopSplit a String into a Number of Sections of Defined Length
StrCountWCount Words in a String
StrDistCompute Distances Between Strings
StrExtractExtract Part of a String
StripAttrRemove Attributes from an Object
StrIsNumericDoes a String Contain Only Numeric Data
StrPadPad a String With Justification
StrPosFind Position of First Occurrence Of a String
StrRevReverse a String
StrRightReturns the Left Or the Right Part Of a String
StrSpellSpell a String Using the NATO Phonetic or the Morse Alphabet
StrSplitSplit the Elements of a Character Vector
StrTrimRemove Leading/Trailing Whitespace From A String
StrTruncTruncate Strings and Add Ellipses If a String is Truncated.
StrValExtract All Numeric Values From a String
StuartMaxwellTestStuart-Maxwell Marginal Homogeneity Test
StuartTauCStuart Tau-c
SysInfoSystem Information
TextContrastColorChoose Textcolor Depending on Background Color
TextToTableConverts String To a Table
TheilUTheil's U Index of Inequality
TitleRectPlot Boxed Annotation
TModComparison Table For Linear Models
TOneCreate Table One Describing Baseline Characteristics
ToWideReshape a Vector From Long to Wide Shape Or Vice Versa
ToWrdSend Objects to Word
ToWrdBSend Objects to Word and Bookmark Them
ToWrdPlotSend a Plot to Word and Bookmark it
TrimTrim a Vector
TTestAStudent's t-Test Based on Sample Statistics
TukeyBiweightCalculate Tukey's Biweight Robust Mean
TwoGroupsDescribe a Variable by a Factor with Two Levels
UncertCoefUncertainty Coefficient
UnirootAllFinds many (all) roots of one equation within an interval
UntableRecover Original Data From Contingency Table
UnwhichInverse Which
VanWaerdenTestvan der Waerden Test
VarCIConfidence Intervals for the Variance
VarTestChiSquare Test for One Variance and F Test to Compare Two...
VecRotVector Rotation (Shift Elements)
VIFVariance Inflation Factors
VigenereVigenere Cypher
VonNeumannTestVon Neumann's Successive Difference Test
wdConstWord VBA Constants
WinsorizeWinsorize (Replace Extreme Values by Less Extreme Ones)
WithOptionsExecute Function with Temporary Options
WoolfTestWoolf Test For Homogeneity in 2x2xk Tables
WrdBookmarkSome Functions to Handle MS-Word Bookmarks
WrdCaptionInsert Caption to Word
WrdCellRangeReturn the Cell Range Of a Word Table
WrdFontGet or Set the Font in Word
WrdFormatCellsFormat Cells Of a Word Table
WrdMergeCellsMerges Cells Of a Defined Word Table Range
WrdPageBreakInsert a Page Break
WrdParagraphFormatGet or Set the Paragraph Format in Word
WrdPlotInsert Active Plot to Word
WrdSaveAsOpen and Save Word Documents
WrdStyleGet or Set the Style in Word
WrdTableInsert a Table in a Word Document
WrdTableBordersDraw Borders to a Word Table
XLDateToPOSIXctConvert Excel Dates to POSIXct
XLGetRangeImport Data Directly From Excel
XLSaveAsSave Excel File
XLViewUse MS-Excel as Viewer for a Data.Frame
YuenTTestYuen t-Test For Trimmed Means
ZeroIfNAReplace NAs by 0
ZodiacCalculate the Zodiac of a Date
ZTestZ Test for Known Population Standard Deviation
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