Man pages for Distance
Distance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation

AIC.dsmodelAkaike's An Information Criterion for detection functions
amakihiHawaiian amakihi point transect data
bootdhtBootstrap uncertainty estimation for distance sampling models
bootdht_Nhat_summarizeSimple summary for bootstrap model
capercaillieCapercaillie in Monaughty Forest
checkdataCheck that the data supplied to 'ds' is correct
ClusterExerciseSimulated minke whale data with cluster size
convert_unitsConvert units for abundance estimation
create.binsCreate bins from a set of binned distances and a set of...
CueCountingExampleCue counts of whale blows
dht2Abundance estimation for distance sampling models
Distance-packageDistance sampling
dsFit detection functions and calculate abundance from line or...
ds.gofGoodness of fit tests for distance sampling models
ducknestDucknest line transect survey data
ETP_DolphinEastern Tropical Pacific spotted dolphin survey
flatfileThe flatfile data format
gof_dsGoodness of fit testing and quantile-quantile plots
golfteesGolf tee data
logLik.dsmodellog-likelihood value for a fitted detection function
LTExerciseSimulated line transect survey data
minkeSimulated minke whale data
plot.dsmodelPlot a fitted detection function
print.dht_resultPrint abundance estimates
print.dsmodelSimple pretty printer for distance sampling analyses
print.summary.dsmodelPrint summary of distance detection function model object
PTExerciseSimulated point transect survey data
Savannah_sparrow_1980Savanna sparrow point transects
sikadeerSika deer pellet data from southern Scotland
Stratify_exampleSimulated minke whale data
summarize_ds_modelsMake a table of summary statistics for detection function...
summary.dht_bootstrapSummarize bootstrap abundance uncertainty estimate output
summary.dsmodelSummary of distance sampling analysis
Systematic_variance_1Simulation of encounter rate variance
unflattenUnflatten flatfile data.frames
unimakSimulated line transect survey data with covariates
units_tableGenerate table of unit conversions
wrenSteve Buckland's winter wren surveys
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