ETP_Dolphin: Eastern Tropical Pacific spotted dolphin survey

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Observers aboard tuna vessels detecting dolphin schools along with a number of possibly useful covariates for modelling the detection function.


A data frame with 1090 rows and 13 variables.

Region.Label stratum labels (only one)
Area size (nmi) of each stratum
Sample.Label transect labels
Effort transect length (nmi)
object object ID
distance perpendicular distance (nmi)
LnCluster natural log of cluster size
Month month of detection
Beauf.class Beaufort sea state
Cue.type initial cue triggering detection
Search.method observer method making the detection
size cluster size
Study.Area study area name


Several different search methods included in these data

0 binoculars from crows nest
2 binoculars from elsewhere on ship
3 helicopter searching ahead of ship
5 radar detects of seabirds above dolphin schools


Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

See Also

Several cue types were also recorded by observers.

1 seabirds above the school
2 water splashes
3 unspecified
4 floating objects such as logs

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