Savannah_sparrow_1980: Savanna sparrow point transects

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Point transect data collected in Colorado 1980/81 to examine effect of agricultural practices upon avian community.


data.frame with 468 observations of 7 variables:

Region.Label stratum label (pasture ID)
Area stratum area (set to 1 so density is reported)
Sample.Label transect identifier
Effort number of visits
object object ID
distance radial distance (m)
Study.Area name of study area


Design consisted of point transects placed in multiple pastures (3 in 1980, 4 in 1981). While many species were observed, only data for Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) are included here.


Data structure for 1981 data set is identical, but there are 448 observations across 4 pastures.


Knopf, F.L., J.A. Sedgwick, and R.W. Cannon. (1988) Guild structure of a riparian avifauna relative to seasonal cattle grazing. The Journal of Wildlife Management 52 (2): 280–290.

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