gof_ds: Goodness of fit testing and quantile-quantile plots

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Computes goodness of fit tests for the detection function. For binned distances this is only chi-squared. For exact distances, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Cramer-von Mises goodness of fit tests are computed (if chisq=TRUE then chi-squared is also computed). A quantile-quantile plot is for the fitted model is produced as a graphical representation of goodness of fit (this can be suppressed by setting plot=FALSE).


gof_ds(model, plot = TRUE, chisq = FALSE, ...)



a fitted detection function.


if TRUE the Q-Q plot is plotted


if TRUE then chi-squared statistic is calculated even for models that use exact distances. Ignored for models that use binned distances


other arguments to be passed to ddf.gof


See ddf.gof for further details.

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