Fgmutils: Forest Growth Model Utilities

Growth models and forest production require existing data manipulation and the creation of new data, structured from basic forest inventory data. The purpose of this package is provide functions to support these activities.

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AuthorClayton Vieira Fraga Filho, Ana Paula Simiqueli, Gilson Fernandes da Silva, Miqueias Fernandes, Wagner Amorim da Silva Altoe
Date of publication2016-10-11 23:58:34
MaintainerClayton Vieira Fraga Filho <forestgrowthsoftware@gmail.com>

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Man pages

add.col: add column

atualizaCampoBase: updated base field

avaliaAjuste: avalia Ajuste

avaliaEstimativas: calculate Estimates

avaliaVolumeAgeBased: avalia Volume Age Based

avaliaVolumeAvancado: evaluates Volume Advanced

bias: Bias

calculaA: Fator A

calculaPerc: calculates percentage

calculaVolumeDefault: calculates Volume Default

ce: coefficient of efficiency

check.integer: Ckeck Integer

classificaClasseDAP: classifica Classe DAP

classificarDAP: classify field dap

contemParametros: which parameters are missing?

converteCampoParaCharacter: Field Converts To Character

criaDadosPareados: Create Date Paired

criaModeloExclusivo: Create Exclusive Model for a database

criaModeloGenerico: Create function with generic model

defineClasses: define Classes

defineClasses2: define Classes 2

estatisticas: Estatistics

estatisticasBIAS: BIAS Estatistics

estatisticasBiasPERCENTUAL: percent BIAS Estatistics

estatisticasCE: CE Estatistics

estatisticasCORR: Correlacion Estatistics

estatisticasCorrPERCENTUAL: Percent Correlacion Estatistics

estatisticasCV: Co variance Estatistics

estatisticasCvPERCENTUAL: Percent Co variance Estatistics

estatisticasMAE: MAE Estatistics

estatisticasR2: R2 Estatistics for linear models

estatisticasResiduoPERCENTUAL: Residuals Estatistics

estatisticasResiduos: Residuals Estatistics

estatisticasRMSE: RMSE Estatistics

estatisticasRmsePERCENTUAL: percent RMSE Estatistics

estatisticasRRMSE: RRMSE Estatistics

evalAgeBased: Evaluate Age Based

fator_bias: Fator Bias

geraModelo: Generates function to work with a model

getAnoMedicao: Get Year Measurement

getBaseOfAjust: get database Of Ajust

getClasses: Get List of DAP Classes

getColumnsOfAjust: get Columns used in Ajust

getColumnsOfBase: get Columns Of Base present in the string

getFormulaExclusivaOfAjust: get Formula Exclusive Of Ajust

getggplot2GraphicObservadoXEstimado: Get ggplot2 Grapic observed versus estimated

getGraphicHistogram: Get Histogram of Residuals absolute

getGraphicObservadoXEstimado: Get Graphic Observed X Estimated

getGraphicResiduoAbs: Get Graphic Residuals absolute

getGraphicResiduoPerc: Get Graphic Residuals percent

getParametrosOfModel: get Parametros Of Model

gravaDocResultado: Records doc result

gravaResultado: Records doc result

ifrm: ifrm

isfinitedataframe: is finite data frame

listToDataFrame: List to DataFrame

mae: mean absolute error (mae)

mse: Mean squared error

mspr: mspr

predizer: Predict

projectBaseOriented: Project Base Oriented

R21a: R21a

R29a: R29a

residuoPerc: calculates residue percentage

retornaValor: return value

rmse: Root Mean Square Error

roundAge: Round Ages

rrmse: relative root mean square error

salvaModelo: save function with Model

separaDados: Data Separates

syx: Standard Error of Estimate

syxPerc: Standard Error of Estimate Percentage

verificaTipoColuna: Check de type of Column

whichmedian: whichmedian


add.col Man page
atualizaCampoBase Man page
avaliaAjuste Man page
avaliaEstimativas Man page
avaliaVolumeAgeBased Man page
avaliaVolumeAvancado Man page
bias Man page
calculaA Man page
calculaPerc Man page
calculaVolumeDefault Man page
ce Man page
check.integer Man page
classificaClasseDAP Man page
classificarDAP Man page
contemParametros Man page
converteCampoParaCharacter Man page
criaDadosPareados Man page
criaModeloExclusivo Man page
criaModeloGenerico Man page
defineClasses Man page
defineClasses2 Man page
estatisticas Man page
estatisticasBIAS Man page
estatisticasBiasPERCENTUAL Man page
estatisticasCE Man page
estatisticasCORR Man page
estatisticasCorrPERCENTUAL Man page
estatisticasCV Man page
estatisticasCvPERCENTUAL Man page
estatisticasMAE Man page
estatisticasR2 Man page
estatisticasResiduoPERCENTUAL Man page
estatisticasResiduos Man page
estatisticasRMSE Man page
estatisticasRmsePERCENTUAL Man page
estatisticasRRMSE Man page
evalAgeBased Man page
fator_bias Man page
geraModelo Man page
getAnoMedicao Man page
getBaseOfAjust Man page
getClasses Man page
getColumnsOfAjust Man page
getColumnsOfBase Man page
getFormulaExclusivaOfAjust Man page
getggplot2GraphicObservadoXEstimado Man page
getGraphicHistogram Man page
getGraphicObservadoXEstimado Man page
getGraphicResiduoAbs Man page
getGraphicResiduoPerc Man page
getParametrosOfModel Man page
gravaDocResultado Man page
gravaResultado Man page
ifrm Man page
isfinitedataframe Man page
listToDataFrame Man page
mae Man page
mse Man page
mspr Man page
predizer Man page
projectBaseOriented Man page
R21a Man page
R29a Man page
residuoPerc Man page
retornaValor Man page
rmse Man page
roundAge Man page
rrmse Man page
salvaModelo Man page
separaDados Man page
syx Man page
syxPerc Man page
verificaTipoColuna Man page
whichmedian Man page


tests/testthat/test_check.integer-functions.R tests/testthat/test_verificaTipoColuna-functions.R tests/testthat/test_retornaValor-functions.R
R/ifrm.R R/criaDadosPareados.R R/avaliaVolumeAgeBased.R R/mspr.R R/R21a.R R/verificaTipoColuna.R R/defineClasses.R R/calculaPerc.R R/estatisticasRRMSE.R R/estatisticasCV.R R/rrmse.R R/add.col.R R/syxPerc.R R/estatisticasCorrPERCENTUAL.R R/whichmedian.R R/gravaDocResultado.R R/atualizaCampoBase.R R/R29a.R R/getGraphicResiduoPerc.R R/estatisticasRMSE.R R/avaliaEstimativas.R R/getGraphicResiduoAbs.R R/criaModeloGenerico.R R/getAnoMedicao.R R/mse.R R/converteCampoParaCharacter.R R/rmse.R R/syx.R R/bias.R R/check.integer.R R/getColumnsOfAjust.R R/avaliaAjuste.R R/mae.R R/estatisticas.R R/predizer.R R/getGraphicHistogram.R R/calculaA.R R/evalAgeBased.R R/listToDataFrame.R R/retornaValor.R R/estatisticasCvPERCENTUAL.R R/roundAge.R R/gravaResultado.R R/criaModeloExclusivo.R R/salvaModelo.R R/estatisticasMAE.R R/fator_bias.R R/getFormulaExclusivaOfAjust.R R/isfinitedataframe.R R/classificarDAP.R R/residuoPerc.R R/ce.R R/calculaVolumeDefault.R R/geraModelo.R R/getParametrosOfModel.R R/estatisticasBiasPERCENTUAL.R R/getGraphicObservadoXEstimado.R R/defineClasses2.R R/estatisticasCE.R R/separaDados.R R/classificaClasseDAP.R R/getggplot2GraphicObservadoXEstimado.R R/projectBaseOriented.R R/avaliaVolumeAvancado.R R/contemParametros.R R/estatisticasRmsePERCENTUAL.R R/estatisticasBIAS.R R/getColumnsOfBase.R R/estatisticasResiduos.R R/estatisticasR2.R R/getClasses.R R/estatisticasResiduoPERCENTUAL.R R/getBaseOfAjust.R R/estatisticasCORR.R
man/geraModelo.Rd man/estatisticasCORR.Rd man/getClasses.Rd man/getColumnsOfAjust.Rd man/getAnoMedicao.Rd man/estatisticasRmsePERCENTUAL.Rd man/separaDados.Rd man/estatisticasCvPERCENTUAL.Rd man/defineClasses.Rd man/rmse.Rd man/estatisticasR2.Rd man/getGraphicObservadoXEstimado.Rd man/contemParametros.Rd man/getGraphicResiduoPerc.Rd man/residuoPerc.Rd man/avaliaAjuste.Rd man/avaliaVolumeAvancado.Rd man/verificaTipoColuna.Rd man/getColumnsOfBase.Rd man/gravaResultado.Rd man/whichmedian.Rd man/mae.Rd man/ifrm.Rd man/estatisticasBiasPERCENTUAL.Rd man/ce.Rd man/bias.Rd man/getGraphicResiduoAbs.Rd man/gravaDocResultado.Rd man/getParametrosOfModel.Rd man/defineClasses2.Rd man/R21a.Rd man/projectBaseOriented.Rd man/estatisticasBIAS.Rd man/estatisticasResiduoPERCENTUAL.Rd man/avaliaEstimativas.Rd man/getGraphicHistogram.Rd man/getggplot2GraphicObservadoXEstimado.Rd man/roundAge.Rd man/getBaseOfAjust.Rd man/estatisticasCorrPERCENTUAL.Rd man/calculaVolumeDefault.Rd man/calculaA.Rd man/estatisticasMAE.Rd man/salvaModelo.Rd man/fator_bias.Rd man/avaliaVolumeAgeBased.Rd man/calculaPerc.Rd man/getFormulaExclusivaOfAjust.Rd man/add.col.Rd man/criaModeloExclusivo.Rd man/atualizaCampoBase.Rd man/estatisticasRMSE.Rd man/check.integer.Rd man/retornaValor.Rd man/classificaClasseDAP.Rd man/criaModeloGenerico.Rd man/criaDadosPareados.Rd man/estatisticas.Rd man/estatisticasCE.Rd man/mse.Rd man/estatisticasCV.Rd man/R29a.Rd man/mspr.Rd man/syx.Rd man/estatisticasRRMSE.Rd man/isfinitedataframe.Rd man/predizer.Rd man/evalAgeBased.Rd man/listToDataFrame.Rd man/syxPerc.Rd man/converteCampoParaCharacter.Rd man/classificarDAP.Rd man/rrmse.Rd man/estatisticasResiduos.Rd

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