Man pages for Fragman
Fragment Analysis in R

arrange.jmArrange data converted to joinmap code into a joinmap...
best.layoutcomplementary tools for layout
big.peaks.colPeak search by first derivatives
detect.ladderLadder detection by correlation or confidence intervals
find.ladderLadder detection by correlation or confidence intervals
Fragman-packageFragment analysis and automatic scoring
get.scorescomplementary tools tools
homo.panelcomplementary tools
jm.convScores to JoinMap converter
ladder.correctorLadder corrector attached to R environment detection and attachment to R environment
lapply_pbcomplementary tools for Fragman to JoinMap code converter
my.plantsCranberry biparental population to Letter code converter
overviewAssesing several plants with an overview
overview2Assesing several plants with an overview
plotplot form fsa files stored with storing.inds
pullupApplying pullup to channels/colors
read.abifRead ABIF formatted files
realsFinding the real peaks
saturateChecking and correcting saturated peaks
score.markersFragment analysis scoring
separateSeparating peaks by a shift window
storing.indsExtracting channel information
threshsCustomizing thresholds
transfftApplying the fourier transformation to a data frame
transpCreating color with transparency
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