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Estimate Global Clustering in Infectious Disease

DengueSimR01Simulated dataset of dengue transmission with basic...
DengueSimR02Simulated dataset of dengue cases with basic reproductive...
DengueSimRepresentativeSimulated dataset of dengue cases with representative...
est.transdistEstimate transmission distance
est.transdist.bootstrap.ciBootstrap mean transmission distance values
est.transdist.temporalChange in mean transmission distance over time
est.transdist.temporal.bootstrap.ciBootstrapped confidence intervals for the change in mean...
est.transdist.theta.weightsEstimate transmission distance theta values by replication
est.wt.matrixCalculate the Infector-Infectee Wallinga-Teunis matrix
est.wt.matrix.weightsEstimate matrix of basic Wallinga-Teunis weights
get.cross.KCross type K function using homotypic and heterotypic case...
get.cross.PCFCross type Pair Correlation Function using homotypic and...
get.piGeneralized version of 'get.pi'
get.pi.bootstrapBootstrap 'get.pi' values.
get.pi.ciCalculate bootstrapped confidence intervals for 'get.pi'...
get.pi.permuteget the null distribution of the 'get.pi' function
get.pi.typedOptimized version of 'get.pi' for typed data.
get.pi.typed.bootstrapruns bootstrapping on 'get.pi.typed'
get.pi.typed.permuteget the null distribution of the get.pi.typed function
get.taugeneralized version of 'get.tau'
get.tau.bootstrapBootstrap 'get.tau' values.
get.tau.ciBootstrap confidence interval for the 'get.tau' values
get.tau.permuteget the null distribution of the 'get.tau' function
get.tau.typedOptimized version of 'get.tau' for typed data
get.tau.typed.bootstrapruns bootstrapping for 'get.tau.typed'
get.tau.typed.permuteget the null distribution for the 'get.tau.typed' function
get.thetaGeneralized version of 'get.theta'
get.theta.bootstrapBootstrap 'get.theta' values.
get.theta.ciCalculate bootstrapped confidence intervals for 'get.theta'...
get.theta.permuteget the null distribution of the 'get.theta' function
get.theta.typedOptimized version of 'get.theta' for typed data.
get.theta.typed.bootstrapruns bootstrapping on 'get.theta.typed'
get.theta.typed.permuteget the null distribution of the get.theta.typed function
get.transdist.thetaGet weights of transmission distance theta
sim.epidemicSimulation of an epidemic in space and time
sim.plotPlot output of simulated epidemic
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