DengueSimRepresentative: Simulated dataset of dengue cases with representative...

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Dataset simulated using an agent based model with a spatially heterogeneous population structure. Infectious agents were introduced resulting in agent to agent transmission. The distance between successive cases in a transmission chain were randomly drawn from a uniform distribution U(0,100). Each infectious agent resulted in transmissions to two other agents after a delay of 15 days, reflecting the generation time of dengue. There are 11 transmission chains, each with a different genotype. The genotypes are subdivided into four serotypes. 500 randomly selected individuals from the underlying population also included.




Matrix with five columns representing the X and Y coordinates of infected individuals, the time of infection, the genotype of the infecting pathogen and the serotype of the infecting pathogen. Individuals representative from the underlying population have '-999'for time, genotype and serotype.


Justin Lessler and Henrik Salje

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