Man pages for IntClust
Integration of Multiple Data Sets with Clustering Techniques

ABC.SingleInMultipleSingle-source ABC clustering
ADCAggregated data clustering
ADECAggregated data ensemble clustering
BinFeaturesPlot_MultipleDataVisualization of characteristic binary features of multiple...
BinFeaturesPlot_SingleDataVisualization of characteristic binary features of a single...
BoxPlotDistanceBox plots of one distance matrix categorized against another...
CECComplementary ensemble clustering
CharacteristicFeaturesDetermining the characteristic features of a cluster
ChooseClusterInteractive plot to determine DE Genes and DE features for a...
ClusterSingle source clustering
ClusterColsMatching clusters with colours
ClusteringAggregationClustering aggregation
ClusterPlotColouring clusters in a dendrogram
ColorPaletteCreate a color palette to be used in the plots
Colors1Colour examples
ColorsNamesFunction that annotates colors to their names
CompareInteractiveInteractive comparison of clustering results for a specific...
ComparePlotComparison of clustering results over multiple results
CompareSilClusterCompares medoid clustering results based on silhouette widths
CompareSvsMComparison of clustering results for the single and multiple...
ConsensusClusteringConsensus clustering
ContFeaturesPlotPlot of continuous features
CVAACumulative voting-based aggregation algorithm
DetermineWeight_SilClustDetermines an optimal weight for weighted clustering by...
DetermineWeight_SimClustDetermines an optimal weight for weighted clustering by...
DiffGenesDifferential gene expressions for multiple results
DiffGenesSelectionDifferential expression for a selection of objects
DistanceDistance calculation
distanceheatmapsDetermine the distance in a heatmap
EHCEnsemble for hierarchical clustering
EnsembleClusteringEnsemble clustering
EvidenceAccumulationEvidence accumulation
FeatSelectionfeature selection for a selection of objects
FeaturesOfClusterList all features present in a selected cluster of objects
FindClusterFind a selection of objects in the output of...
FindElementFind an element in a data structure
FindGenesInvestigates whether genes are differential expressed in...
fingerprintMatFingerprint data
GeneInfoInformation of the genes Gene info in a data frame
geneMatGene expression data
Geneset.intersectIntersection over resulting gene sets of 'PathwaysIter'...
Geneset.intersectSelectionIntersection over resulting gene sets of 'PathwaysIter'...
GSList of GO Annotations
HBGFHybrid bipartite graph formulation
HeatmapPlotComparing two clustering results with a heatmap
HeatmapSelectionA function to select a group of objects via the similarity...
HierarchicalEnsembleClusteringHierarchical ensemble clustering
IntClustIntegrated Clustering Methods.
LabelColsColouring labels
LabelPlotColoring specific leaves of a dendrogram
LinkBasedClusteringLink based clustering
M_ABCMulti-source ABC clustering
NormalizationNormalization of features
PathwayAnalysisPathway Analysis
PathwaysPathway analysis for multiple clustering results
PathwaysIterIterations of the pathway analysis
PathwaysSelectionPathway analysis for a selection of objects
PlotPathwaysA GO plot of a pathway analysis output.
PreparePathwayPreparing a data set for pathway analysis
ProfilePlotPlotting gene profiles
ReorderToReferenceOrder the outputs of the clustering methods against a...
SelectnrClustersDetermines an optimal number of clusters based on silhouette...
SharedCompsIntersection of clusters across multiple methods
SharedGenesPathsFeatIntersection of genes and pathways over multiple methods
SharedSelectionIntersection of genes and pathways over multiple methods for...
SharedSelectionLimmaIntersection of genes over multiple methods for a selection...
SharedSelectionMLPIntersection of pathways over multiple methods for a...
SimilarityHeatmapA heatmap of similarity values between objects
SimilarityMeasureA measure of similarity for the outputs of the different...
SNFSimilarity network fusion
targetMatTarget prediction data
TrackClusterFollow a cluster over multiple methods
WeightedClustWeighted clustering
WonMWeighting on membership
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