Man pages for LncPath
Identifying the Pathways Regulated by LncRNA Sets of Interest

drawAHeatMapDraw a heatmap for the genes of a pathway
findSigGenesFind genes significantly differentially expressed between two...
geneSetDetailGain insight into the detail of the genes in a certain...
getExampleDataGet the example data
getNetGet the background lncRNA-mRNA interaction network
lncPathIdentify pathways synergisticly regulated by lncRNA sets.
lncPath2TableSimplify the lncPath object into table
LncPathEnvirThe variables in the environment variable 'LncPathEnvir' of...
LncPath-internalLncPath internal functions
plotRunningESVisualize the Kolmogorov-Smirnov running score of pathway
printSignifResultOutput the details of significant pathways
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