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This R Companion to Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data by Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock, and Lock provides

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R Package

The Lock5withR package can be installed from github using


This package contains all of the data sets used in the package and the locket() function which can be used to run any of 417 code chunks from the campanion.

For example:

#>  locket(Example2.11)
#>  ------ ~~~~~~~~~~~
#> > ICU20 <- subset(ICUAdmissions, Age == "20")
#> > mean( ~ HeartRate, data = ICU20)
#> [1] 82.2
#> > median( ~ HeartRate, data = ICU20)
#> [1] 80
#> > ICU55 = subset(ICUAdmissions, Age == "55")
#> > mean( ~ HeartRate, data = ICU55)
#> [1] 108.5
#> > median( ~ HeartRate, data = ICU55)
#> [1] 106

Relationship to Lock5Data

The Locks have created an R package called Lock5Data that contains the data sets from their text. Some of these data sets have been modified in Lock5withR to make them easier to use with R. Modified data sets include the following:

AllCountries    BikeCommute      BodyTemp50       CaffeineTaps 
CarbonDioxide   CO2              EmployedACS      Flight179 
GPAGender       ICUAdmissions    MiamiHeat        MindsetMatters 
NFLScores2011   NutritionStudy   RestaurantTips   RetailSales 
SalaryGender    SampCountries    SandP500         SleepStudy 
SpeedDating     StudentSurvey    USStates         WaterTaste 

Typically changes involved the inclusion of additional variables with better encodings. Somtimes variables are replaced. In the case of CO2 the data set has been renamed AtmosphericCO2 to avoid a name collision with a data set in the datasets package.

The locket() function is only available in Lock5withR.

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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