HollywoodMovies2011: Hollywood Movies in 2011

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Hollywood Movies in 2011


A data frame with 136 observations on the following 14 variables.

  • Movie a factor with many levels

  • LeadStudio a factor with many levels

  • RottenTomatoes a numeric vector

  • AudienceScore a numeric vector

  • Story a factor with many levels

  • Genre a factor with levels Action Adventure Animation Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Romance Thriller

  • TheatersOpenWeek a numeric vector

  • BOAverageOpenWeek a numeric vector

  • DomesticGross a numeric vector

  • ForeignGross a numeric vector

  • WorldGross a numeric vector

  • Budget a numeric vector

  • Profitability a numeric vector

  • OpeningWeekend a numeric vector


## maybe str(HollywoodMovies2011) ; plot(HollywoodMovies2011) ...

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