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Datasets for 'Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data'

ACSAmerican Community Survey
APMultipleChoiceAP Multiple Choice
April14TempsApril 14th Temperatures
AtmosphericCO2Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels by year
BaseballHitsBaseball Hits
BaseballTimesBaseball Game Times
BenfordBenford data
BikeCommuteBike Commute
BodyFatBody Measurements
BodyTemp50Body Temperatures
BootAtlantaCorrBootstrap Correlations for Atlanta Commutes
CaffeineTapsCaffeine Taps
CAOSExamCAOS Exam Scores
CerealBreakfast Cereals
CocaineTreatmentCoacaine Treatment
ColaCalciumCola Calcium
CommuteAtlantaCommute Atlanta
CommuteStLouisComute times in St. Louis
CompassionateRatsCompassionate Rats
CricketChirpsCricket Chirps
DigitsDigit counts
DogOwnerDog/Owner matches
ElectionMarginElection Margin
EmployedACSEmployed in American Community Survey
ExerciseHoursExercise Hours
FacebookFriendsFacebook Friends
FatMice18Fat Mice 18
Flight179Flight times
FloridaLakesFlorida Lakes
GlobalInternetGlobal Internet Usage
GPAGenderGPA and Gender
HappyPlanetIndexHappy Planet Index
HockeyPenaltiesHockey Penalties
HollywoodMovies2011Hollywood Movies in 2011
HomesForSaleHome for Sale
HomesForSaleCAHome for Sale in California
HomesForSaleCantonHomes for sale in Canton, NY
HomesForSaleNYHome for Sale in New York
HoneybeeCircuitsHoneybee Circuits
HoneybeeWaggleHoneybee Waggle
HotDogsHot Dog Eating Contest
ICUAdmissionsIntensive Care Unit Admissions
ImmuneTeaImmune Tea
InkjetPrintersInkjet Printers
LifeExpectancyVehiclesLife Expectancy and Vehicle Registrations
LightatNightLight at Night for Mice
Lock5Data-packageLock5 Datasets
locketDisplay or execute a snippet of R code
MalevolentUniformsNFLMalevolent Uniforms NFL
MalevolentUniformsNHLMalevolent Uniforms NHL
MammalLongevityMammal Longevity
ManhattanApartmentsManhattan Apartment Prices
MarriageAgesMarriage Ages
MastersGolfMasters Golf Scores
MentalMuscleMental Muscle
MiamiHeatMiami Heat basketball
MindsetMattersMindset Matters
MinistersRumMinisters and Rum
MustangPriceMustang Prices
NBAPlayers2011NBA Players data for 2010-11 Season
NBAStandingsNBA 2010-11 Regular Season Standings
NFLScores2011NFL Game Scores in 2011
NutritionStudyNutrition Study
OlympicMarathon2008 Olympic Men's Marathon
OttawaSenatorsOttaw Senators hockey team
PizzaGirlPizza Girl Tips
QuizPulse10Quiz vs Lecture Pulse Rates
RandomP50N200Simulated proportions
RestaurantTipsRestaurant Tips
RetailSalesRetail Sales
RockandRollRock & Roll Hall of fame
SalaryGenderSalary and Gender
SandP500S & P 500 Prices
SandwichAntsSandwich Ants
SandwichAnts2Sandwich Ants - Part 2
SkateboardPricesSkateboard Prices
SleepCaffeineSleep Caffeine
SleepStudySleep Study
SpeedDatingSpeed Dating
StatGradesStatistics Exam Grades
StatisticsPhDStatistics PhD Programs
StockChangesStock Changes
StorySpoilersStory Spoilers
StressedMiceStressed Mice
StudentSurveyStudent Survey Data
TenCountriesTen Countries
TextbookCostsTextbook Costs
ToenailArsenicToenail Arsenic
TrafficFlowTraffic Flow
USStatesUS State Data
WaterStridersWater Striders
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