WaterStriders: Water Striders

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Mating activity for water striders


A dataset with 10 observations on the following 3 variables.


Water striders are common bugs that skate across the surface of water. Water striders have different personalities and some of the males are hyper-aggressive, meaning they jump on and wrestle with any other water strider near them. Individually, because hyper-aggressive males are much more active, they tend to have better mating success than more inactive striders. This study examined the effect they have on a group. Four males and three females were put in each of ten pools of water. Half of the groups had a hyper-aggressive male as one of the males and half did not. The proportion of time females are in hiding was measured for each of the 10 groups, and a measure of mean mating activity was also measured with higher numbers meaning more mating.


Sih, A. and Watters, J., "The mix matters: behavioural types and group dynamics in water striders," Behaviour, 2005; 142(9-10): 1423.

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