Florida Lakes


Water quality for a sample of lakes in Florida


A data frame with 53 observations on the following 12 variables.

  • ID An identifying number for each lake

  • Lake Name of the lake

  • Alkalinity Concentration of calcium carbonate (in mg/L)

  • pH Acidity

  • Calcium Amount of calcium in water

  • Chlorophyll Amount of chlorophyll in water

  • AvgMercury Average mercury level for a sample of fish (large mouth bass) from each lake

  • NumSamples Number of fish sampled at each lake

  • MinMercury Minimum mercury level in a sampled fish

  • MaxMercury Maximum mercury level in a sampled fish

  • ThreeYrStdMercury Adjusted mercury level to account for the age of the fish

  • AgeData Mean age of fish in each sample


This dataset describes characteristics of water and fish samples from 53 Florida lakes. Some variables (e.g. Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium) reflect the chemistry of the water samples. Mercury levels were recorded for a sample of large mouth bass selected at each lake.


Lange, Royals, and Connor, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (1993)



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