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Data on the countries of the world


A dataset with 213 observations on the following 18 variables.

  • Country Name of the country

  • Code Three letter country code

  • LandArea Size in sq. kilometers

  • Population Population in millions

  • Energy Energy usage (kilotons of oil)

  • Rural Percentage of population living in rural areas

  • Military Percentage of government expenditures directed toward the military

  • Health Percentage of government expenditures directed towards healthcare

  • HIV Percentage of the population with HIV

  • Internet Percentage of the population with access to the internet

  • Developed A numeric code for the level of development based on kilowatt hours per capita

  • kwhPerCap An ordered factor of categories for kilowatt hours per capita, under 2500, 2500 to 5000, or over 5000

  • BirthRate Births per 1000 people

  • ElderlyPop Percentage of the population at least 65 year old

  • LifeExpectancy Average life expectancy (years)

  • CO2 CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)

  • GDP Gross Domestic Product (per capita)

  • Cell Cell phone subscriptions (per 100 people)

  • Electricity Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)


Most data from 2008 to avoid many missing values in more recent years.


Data collected from the World Bank website,

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