Cereal: Breakfast Cereals

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Nutrition information for a sample of 30 breakfast cereals


A dataset with 30 observations on the following 10 variables.

  • Name Brand name of cereal

  • Company Manufacturer coded as G=General Mills, K=Kellog's or Q=Quaker

  • Serving Serving size (in cups)

  • Calories Calories (per cup)

  • Fat Fat (grams per cup)

  • Sodium Sodium (mg per cup)

  • Carbs Carbohydrates (grams per cup)

  • Fiber Dietary Fiber (grams per cup)

  • Sugars Sugars (grams per cup)

  • Protein Protein (grams per cup)


Nutrition contents for a sample of breakfast cererals, derived from nutrition lables. Values are per cup of cereal (rather than per serving).


Cereal data obtained from nutrition labels at http://www.nutritionresource.com/foodcomp2.cfm?id=0800

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