WaterTaste: WaterTaste

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Blind taste test to compare brands of bottled water


A data frame with 100 observations on the following 10 variables.

  • Gender Gender of respondent: F=Female M=Male

  • Age Age (in years)

  • Class Year in school F=First year J=Junior O=Other P SO=Sophomore SR=Senior

  • UsuallyDrink Usual source of drinking water: Bottled, Filtered, or Tap

  • FavBotWatBrand Favorite brand of bottled water

  • Preference Order of perference: A=Sams Choice, B=Aquafina, C=Fiji, and D=Tap water

  • First Top choice among Aquafina, Fiji, SamsChoice, or Tap

  • Second Second choice

  • Third Third choice

  • Fourth Fourth choice


Result from a blind taste test comparing different four different types of water (Sam's Choice, Aqufina, Fiji, and tap water). Participants rank ordered waters when presented in a random order.


"Water Taste Test Data" by M. Leigh Lunsford and Alix D. Dowling Finch in the Journal of Statistics Education (Vol 18, No, 1) 2010





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