US State Data


Various data for all 50 US States


A data frame with 50 observations on the following 17 variables.

  • State Name of state

  • HouseholdIncome Mean household income (in dollars)

  • IQ Mean IQ score of residents

  • McCainVote Percentage of votes for John McCain in 2008 Presidential election

  • Region Area of the country: MW=Midwest, NE=Northeast, S=South, or W=West

  • ObamaMcCain Which 2008 Presidential candidate won state? M=McCain or O=Obama

  • Pres2008 Which 2008 Presidential candidate won state? M=McCain or O=Obama

  • Population Number of residents (in millions)

  • EighthGradeMath a numeric vector

  • HighSchool Percentage of high school graduates

  • GSP Gross State Product (dollars per capita)

  • FiveVegetables Percentage of residents who eat at least five servings of fruits/vegetables per day

  • Smokers Percentage of residents who smoke

  • PhysicalActivity Percentage of residents who have competed in a physical activity in past month

  • Obese Percentage of residents classified as obese

  • College Percentage of residents with college degrees

  • NonWhite Percentage of residents who are not white

  • HeavyDrinkers Percentage of residents who drink heavily


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