SpeedDating: Speed Dating

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Data from a sample of four minute speed dates.


A dataset with 276 observations on the following 22 variables.

  • DecisionMale Would the male like another date? Yes or No

  • DecisionM Would the male like another date? 0 or 1

  • DecisionFemale Would the female like another date? Yes or No

  • DecisionF Would the female like another date? 0 or 1

  • LikeM How much the male likes his partner (1-10 scale)

  • LikeF How much the female likes her partner (1-10 scale)

  • PartnerYesM Male's estimate of chance the female wants another date (1-10 scale)

  • PartnerYesF Female's estimate of chance the male wants another date (1-10 scale)

  • AgeM Male's age (in years)

  • AgeF Females age (in years)

  • RaceM Male's race: Asian, Black, Caucasian, Latino, or Other

  • RaceF Female's race: Asian, Black, Caucasian, Latino, or Other

  • AttractiveM Male's rating of female's attractiveness (1-10 scale)

  • AttractiveF Female's rating of male's attractiveness (1-10 scale)

  • SincereM Male's rating of female's sincerity (1-10 scale)

  • SincereF Female's rating of male's sincerity (1-10 scale)

  • IntelligentM Male's rating of female's intelligence (1-10 scale)

  • IntelligentF Female's rating of male's intelligence (1-10 scale)

  • FunM Male's rating of female as fun (1-10 scale)

  • FunF Female's rating of male as fun (1-10 scale)

  • AmbitiousM Male's rating of female's ambition (1-10 scale)

  • AmbitiousF Female's rating of male's ambition (1-10 scale)

  • SharedInterestsM Male's rating of female's shared interests (1-10 scale)

  • SharedInterestsF Female's rating of male's shared interests (1-10 scale)


Participants were students at Columbia's graduate and professional schools, recruited by mass email, posted fliers, and fliers handed out by research assistants. Each participant attended one speed dating session, in which they met with each participant of the opposite sex for four minutes. Order and session assignments were randomly determined. After each four minute "speed date," participants filled out a form rating their date on a scale of 1-10 on various attributes. Only data from the first date in each session is recorded here.


Gelman, A. and Hill, J., Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models, Cambridge University Press: New York, 2007

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