Miami Heat basketball



Game log data for the Miami Heat basketball team in 2010-11


A data frame with 82 observations on the following 33 variables.

  • Game ID number for each game

  • MDY Data the game was played as a date object

  • Date Data the game was played as a character string

  • Location Away or Home

  • Opp Opponent tream

  • Win Game result: L or W

  • FG Field goals made

  • FGA Field goals attempted

  • FG3 Three-point field goals made

  • FG3A Three-point field goals attempted

  • FT Free throws made

  • FTA Free throws attempted

  • Rebounds Total rebounds

  • OffReb Offensive rebounds

  • Assists Number of assists

  • Steals Number of steals

  • Blocks Number of shots blocked

  • Trunovers Number of turnovers

  • Fouls Number of fouls

  • Points Number of points scored

  • OppFG Opponet's field goals made

  • OppFGA Opponent's Field goals attempted

  • OppFG3 Opponent's Three-point field goals made

  • OppFG3A Opponent's Three-point field goals attempted

  • OppFT Opponent's Free throws made

  • OppFTA Opponent's Free throws attempted

  • OppOffReb Opponent's Total rebounds

  • OppRebounds Opponent's Offensive rebounds

  • OppAssists Opponent's assists

  • OppSteals Opponent's steals

  • OppBlocks Opponent's shots blocked

  • OppTurnovers Opponent's turnovers

  • OppFouls Opponent's fouls

  • OppPoints Opponent's points scored


Information from online boxscores for all 82 regular season games payed by the Miami Heat basketball team during the 2010-11 regular season.


Data for the 2010-11 Miami games downloaded from



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