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Once you call the variants, it's a MAFDash to the finish line

An easy-to-use dashboard builder for mutation data

Installation from CRAN


Installation from Github

# install.packages(devtools)  ## Install devtools if necessary


Mutation Annotation Format (MAF) is a tabular data format used for storing genetic mutation data. For example, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project has made MAF files from each project publicly available.

MAFDash is an R package that helps to quickly create an HTML dashboard to summarize and visualize data from MAF files. The resulting HTML file serves as a self-contained report that can be used to explore and share the results.

Currently, MAFDash produces mostly static plots powered by maftools, ComplexHeatmap and circlize, as well as interactive visualizations using canvasXpress and plotly. The report is generated with a parameterized R Markdown script that uses flexdashboard to arrange all the information.

How to use

Example dashboards from the vignette

Here are some example dashboards created using TCGA data:

Other notes

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