Man pages for MAFDash
Create an HTML Dashboard to Visualize Data from MAF File

compute_exome_coverageCompute exome coverage from a region file
createOncoMatrixCreates matrix for oncoplot
detectMAFGenomeA function to detect MAF genome
filterMAFFunction to filter the mutations
filter_maf_chunkedFunction to filter the mutations
generateBurdenPlotFunction to generate Burden plot
generateMutationTypePlotFunction to generate silent and non-silent mutation plot
generateOncoPlotFunction to generate a dashboard from a MAF file
generateOverlapPlotFunction to generate Overlap plot
generateRibbonPlotFunction to generate a ribbon plot depicting co-occurence and...
generateTCGAComparePlotPlot the comparison of the mutation load against TCGA cohorts
generateTiTvPlotFunction to plot the frequency of Transitions and...
generateVariantTableMake variant table from maf file
getMAFDashboardFunction to generate a dashboard from a MAF file.
getMAFdataTCGAFunction to extract the mutation data in MAF format from TCGA
getTCGAClinicalAnnotationFunction to extract the clinical annotations from TCGA
getTCGAClinicalColorsMakes reasonable colors for some TCGA clinical annoations
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