Man pages for MasterBayes
ML and MCMC Methods for Pedigree Reconstruction and Analysis

autocorrPAutocorrelation Function for Parenatge Assignment
beta.loglikLog-Likelihood of Beta
consenusGObtains a consensus genotype from duplicate samples
extractAAllele Frequencies
fillX.GMendelian Transition Probabilities
GdataPedGdataPed Object
genotypeDgenotypeD Object
genotype.listGenotype Objects for all Loci
getXlistDesign Matrices for the Multinomial Log-Linear Model
insertPedInserts Founders into a Pedigree
legalGLegal Genotype Configurations
MasterBayesMaximum Likelihood and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for...
MCMCpedMarkov chain Monte Carlo Methods for Pedigree Reconstruction...
mismatchesParent-Offspring Genotype Mismatches
MLE.betaMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Beta
MLE.pedMaximum Likelihood Estimation of the Pedigree
MLE.popsizeMaximum Likelihood Estimation of the Unsampled Population...
modeGPosterior Mode of Genotypes
modePPosterior Mode of Parents
orderPedOrders a Pedigree
PdataPedPdataPed Object
popsize.loglikLog-Likelihood of Unsampled Population Size
post.pairsReturns pairs of individuals that fall into specific...
priorPedpriorPed Object
reordXlistReorders Design Matrices
simgenotypesGenotype and Genotyping Error Simulation
simpedigreeSimulates a Pedigree given a Log-Linear Model
startPedstartPed Object
summary.genotypeDgenotypeD Object
tunePedtunePed Object
varPedTransforms Variables for a Multinomial Log-Linear Model
WarblerGSeychelles Warbler Genotypes
WarblerPSeychelles Warbler Phenotypes
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