Man pages for NBBttest
Negative Binomial Beta t-Test

annotatAnnotation of genes within which alternative splicing occurs
betaparametabEstimation of parameters alpha (alpha) and beta (beta) of...
betaparametVPEstimation of parameters V and P in count data of RNA reads
betaparametwEstimation of proportion weights
betattestBeta t-test
DDX39_100DDX39 exon data with 100 exons
exondataExon data for NBBplot
gbetattestBeta t-tests within groups
jkttcellJurkat T-cell transcritomic data
mbetattestPerformance of multiple beta t-test on count data
mtpvadjustAdjust p-values for multiple comparisons
NBBplotPlot differential expression of exons within a specified gene...
NBBttest-packageNegative Beta Binormail t-Test Package
normalizeNormalization of data
oddratioCalculation of zeta (zeta)
omegaOmega calcularion
pathwayHeatmapHeatmap for pathways found by gene ontology analysis
pathwy.A.upPathway or function data
pratioCalculation of psi (psi )
prime3_PRP8_503'UTR splicing data of 50 genes detected in the knockdowned...
QCCount data quality check
resultJurkat T-cell transcritomic data with isoforms selected by...
sgRNAsgRNA dataset
simSplicingSimulated alternative splicing
skjtSimulated Null Transcriptomic data
smbetattestPerformance of multiple beta t-test on simulated data
subdataSplite data into two subsets
upGAmCount data of group A treated breast cancer in mice
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