NSA: Post-normalization of total copy numbers

Post-normalization of total copy-number estimates.

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AuthorMaria Ortiz-Estevez <mortizest@gmail.com>, Ander Aranburu <aaranburu@ceit.es>, Angel Rubio <arubio@ceit.es>
Bioconductor views CopyNumberVariants DNACopyNumber Infrastructure Microarray Preprocessing SNP aCGH
Date of publication2012-12-21 09:17:05
MaintainerMaria Ortiz-Estevez <mortizest@gmail.com>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.1)

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allocateOutputDataSets Man page
allocateOutputDataSets.NSANormalization Man page
allocateOutputDataSets.SampleNormalization Man page
allocateOutputDataSets.SNPsNormalization Man page
as.character.NSANormalization Man page
as.character.SampleNormalization Man page
as.character.SNPsNormalization Man page
cat Man page
findArraysTodo Man page
findArraysTodo.NSANormalization Man page
findArraysTodo.SampleNormalization Man page
findUnitsTodo Man page
findUnitsTodo.NSANormalization Man page
findUnitsTodo.SampleNormalization Man page
findUnitsTodo.SNPsNormalization Man page
fitNSA Man page
fitNSAcnPs Man page
fitNSAcnPs.matrix Man page
fitNSA.matrix Man page
fitOneNSA Man page
fitSample Man page
fitSNPsN Man page
getAsteriskTags Man page
getAsteriskTags.NSANormalization Man page
getAsteriskTags.SampleNormalization Man page
getAsteriskTags.SNPsNormalization Man page
getDataSets Man page
getDataSets.NSANormalization Man page
getDataSets.SampleNormalization Man page
getDataSets.SNPsNormalization Man page
getFullName Man page
getFullName.NSANormalization Man page
getFullName.SampleNormalization Man page
getFullName.SNPsNormalization Man page
getInputDataSet Man page
getInputDataSet.NSANormalization Man page
getInputDataSet.SampleNormalization Man page
getInputDataSet.SNPsNormalization Man page
getName.NSANormalization Man page
getName.SampleNormalization Man page
getName.SNPsNormalization Man page
getOutputDataSet Man page
getOutputDataSet.NSANormalization Man page
getOutputDataSets Man page
getOutputDataSet.SampleNormalization Man page
getOutputDataSet.SNPsNormalization Man page
getOutputDataSets.NSANormalization Man page
getOutputDataSets.SampleNormalization Man page
getOutputDataSets.SNPsNormalization Man page
getPath.NSANormalization Man page
getPath.SampleNormalization Man page
getPath.SNPsNormalization Man page
getReferences Man page
getReferences.NSANormalization Man page
getReferences.SampleNormalization Man page
getReferences.SNPsNormalization Man page
getRootPath Man page
getRootPath.NSANormalization Man page
getRootPath.SampleNormalization Man page
getRootPath.SNPsNormalization Man page
getTags Man page
getTags.NSANormalization Man page
getTags.SampleNormalization Man page
getTags.SNPsNormalization Man page
LHMatrix Man page
nbrOfFiles Man page
nbrOfFiles.NSANormalization Man page
nbrOfFiles.SampleNormalization Man page
nbrOfFiles.SNPsNormalization Man page
Non-documented objects Man page
NSA Man page
NSAByTotalAndFracB Man page
NSAByTotalAndFracB.matrix Man page
NSANormalization Man page
NSANormalization.process Man page
NSA-package Man page
process Man page
process.NSANormalization Man page
process,NSANormalization-method Man page
process.SampleNormalization Man page
process,SampleNormalization-method Man page
process.SNPsNormalization Man page
sampleNByTotalAndFracB Man page
sampleNByTotalAndFracB.numeric Man page
SampleNormalization Man page
SampleNormalization.process Man page
sapply Man page
setTags Man page
setTags.NSANormalization Man page
setTags.SampleNormalization Man page
setTags.SNPsNormalization Man page
snpsNByTotalAndFracB Man page
snpsNByTotalAndFracB.matrix Man page
SNPsNormalization Man page
truncateFracB Man page
truncateFracB.array Man page
truncateFracB.matrix Man page
truncateThetaAB Man page
truncateThetaAB.array Man page
truncateThetaAB.matrix Man page

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