Man pages for RSSL
Implementations of Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Classification

add_missinglabels_marThrow out labels at random
adjacency_knnCalculate knn adjacency matrix
BaseClassifierClassifier used for enabling shared documenting of parameters
c.CrossValidationMerge result of cross-validation runs on single datasets into...
clapplyUse mclapply conditional on not being in RStudio
cov_mlBiased (maximum likelihood) estimate of the covariance matrix
CrossValidationSSLCross-validation in semi-supervised setting
decisionvalues-methodsDecision values returned by a classifier for a set of objects
df_to_matricesConvert data.frame with missing labels to matrices
diabetesdiabetes data for unit testing
EMLeastSquaresClassifierAn Expectation Maximization like approach to Semi-Supervised...
EMLinearDiscriminantClassifierSemi-Supervised Linear Discriminant Analysis using...
EMNearestMeanClassifierSemi-Supervised Nearest Mean Classifier using Expectation...
EntropyRegularizedLogisticRegressionEntropy Regularized Logistic Regression
evaluation-measuresPerformance measures used in classifier evaluation
find_a_violated_labelFind a violated label
gaussian_kernelcalculated the gaussian kernel matrix
generate2ClassGaussianGenerate data from 2 Gaussian distributed classes
generateABAGenerate data from 2 alternating classes
generateCrescentMoonGenerate Crescent Moon dataset
generateFourClustersGenerate Four Clusters dataset
generateParallelPlanesGenerate Parallel planes
generateSlicedCookieGenerate Sliced Cookie dataset
generateSpiralsGenerate Intersecting Spirals
generateTwoCirclesGenerate data from 2 circles
geom_classifierPlot RSSL classifier boundary (deprecated)
geom_linearclassifierPlot linear RSSL classifier boundary
GRFClassifierLabel propagation using Gaussian Random Fields and Harmonic...
harmonic_functionDirect R Translation of Xiaojin Zhu's Matlab code to...
ICLeastSquaresClassifierImplicitly Constrained Least Squares Classifier
ICLinearDiscriminantClassifierImplicitly Constrained Semi-supervised Linear Discriminant...
KernelICLeastSquaresClassifierKernelized Implicitly Constrained Least Squares...
KernelLeastSquaresClassifierKernelized Least Squares Classifier
LaplacianKernelLeastSquaresClassifierLaplacian Regularized Least Squares Classifier
LaplacianSVMLaplacian SVM classifier
LearningCurveSSLCompute Semi-Supervised Learning Curve
LeastSquaresClassifierLeast Squares Classifier
LinearDiscriminantClassifierLinear Discriminant Classifier
LinearSVMLinear SVM Classifier
LinearSVM-classLinearSVM Class
LinearTSVMLinear CCCP Transductive SVM classifier
line_coefficients-methodsLoss of a classifier or regression function
localDescentLocal descent
LogisticLossClassifierLogistic Loss Classifier
LogisticRegression(Regularized) Logistic Regression implementation
LogisticRegressionFastLogistic Regression implementation that uses R's glm
logsumexpNumerically more stable way to calculate log sum exp
losslogsum-methodsLogsumLoss of a classifier or regression function
loss-methodsLoss of a classifier or regression function
losspart-methodsLoss of a classifier or regression function evaluated on...
MajorityClassClassifierMajority Class Classifier
MCLinearDiscriminantClassifierMoment Constrained Semi-supervised Linear Discriminant...
MCNearestMeanClassifierMoment Constrained Semi-supervised Nearest Mean Classifier
MCPLDAMaximum Contrastive Pessimistic Likelihood Estimation for...
minimaxldaImplements weighted likelihood estimation for LDA
missing_labelsAccess the true labels for the objects with missing labels...
NearestMeanClassifierNearest Mean Classifier
plot.CrossValidationPlot CrossValidation object
plot.LearningCurvePlot LearningCurve object
posterior-methodsClass Posteriors of a classifier
predict-scaleMatrix-methodPredict for matrix scaling inspired by stdize from the PLS...
PreProcessingPreprocess the input to a classification function
PreProcessingPredictPreprocess the input for a new set of test objects for...
print.CrossValidationPrint CrossValidation object
print.LearningCurvePrint LearningCurve object
projection_simplexproject an n-dim vector y to the simplex Dn
QuadraticDiscriminantClassifierQuadratic Discriminant Classifier
responsibilities-methodsResponsilibities assigned to the unlabeled objects
RSSLR Semi-Supervised Learning Package
rssl-formattingShow RSSL classifier
rssl-predictPredict using RSSL classifier
S4VMSafe Semi-supervised Support Vector Machine (S4VM)
S4VM-classLinearSVM Class
sample_k_per_levelSample k indices per levels from a factor
scaleMatrixMatrix centering and scaling
SelfLearningSelf-Learning approach to Semi-supervised Learning
solve_svmSVM solve.QP implementation
split_dataset_sslCreate Train, Test and Unlabeled Set
split_randomRandomly split dataset in multiple parts
SSLDataFrameToMatricesConvert data.frame to matrices for semi-supervised learners
stat_classifierPlot RSSL classifier boundaries
stderrorCalculate the standard error of the mean from a vector of...
summary.CrossValidationSummary of Crossvalidation results
svdinvInverse of a matrix using the singular value decomposition
svdinvsqrtmTaking the inverse of the square root of the matrix using the...
svdsqrtmTaking the square root of a matrix using the singular value...
SVMSVM Classifier
svmlinsvmlin implementation by Sindhwani & Keerthi (2006)
svmlin_exampleTest data from the svmlin implementation
svmproblemTrain SVM
testdataExample semi-supervised problem
thresholdRefine the prediction to satisfy the balance constraint
true_labelsAccess the true labels when they are stored as an attribute...
TSVMTransductive SVM classifier using the convex concave...
USMLeastSquaresClassifierUpdated Second Moment Least Squares Classifier
wdbcwdbc data for unit testing
WellSVMWellSVM for Semi-superivsed Learning
wellsvm_directwellsvm implements the wellsvm algorithm as shown in [1].
WellSVM_SSLConvex relaxation of S3VM by label generation
WellSVM_supervisedA degenerated version of WellSVM where the labels are...
wldaImplements weighted likelihood estimation for LDA
wlda_errorMeasures the expected error of the LDA model defined by m, p,...
wlda_loglikMeasures the expected log-likelihood of the LDA model defined...
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