Man pages for RWsearch
Lazy Search in R Packages, Task Views, CRAN, the Web. All-in-One Download

archivedbCRAN archive (CRAN-archive.html + archivedb)
binarydbCRAN Matrix Of Available Binary Packages (archivedb.rda)
checkdbCRAN checks file (check_results.rds)
cnscConversion of Standard and Non-Standard Content
crandbCRAN Packages (crandb.rda)
cranmirrorsCRAN archive (CRAN-archive.html + archivedb)
e_checkCheck Results of Packages Identified by their Email Address
f_argsNames and Arguments of Functions
f_pdfPDF Pages of Functions
funmaintextModify the Main Text and the Markdown Header in p_text...
h_directOpen a Web Page in the your browser
h_engineExplore the Web with Various Search Engines
h_ROpen a Web Page in the Browser
h_ttpOpen a Web Page in the Browser
p_archiveRead Packages in CRAN archive
p_checkReturn CRAN Package Check Results
p_depsDependencies and Reverse Dependencies of Packages
p_displayDisplay Package Information in HTML Pages
p_downDownload the Package Documentation in One Directory or in...
p_graphNetwork and Graphs of Package Dependencies
p_htmlHTML Help Page, PDF Manual and Vignettes
p_instA simple wrapper around install.packages()
p_inunList of Installed, Uninstalled and Non-Existing Packages
p_table2pdfPackage Information in Console and PDF Files
p_text2pdfDownload Package Documentation in Text Files
p_unload_allUnload all non-base and non-recommended packages from the...
p_versPackage Version and Number of Dependencies
RWsearch-packagePackage RWsearch
s_crandbSearch Packages by Keywords in data.frame crandb
s_crandb_tvdbSearch For Recent Packages In crandb And In Task View
s_hsSearch Packages and Functions in Installed Packages
s_sosSearch Packages and Functions on R-Project Help pages and...
s_tvdbSearch Packages in Task Views
tvdbTask Views (tvdb.rda)
zcrandbFile zcrandb.rda: A Subset of crandb Dataset
ztvdbFile ztvdb.rda: A Subset of tvdb Dataset
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