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Unload all non-base and non-recommended packages from the namespace


p_unload_all unloads in a safe order all packages, except the base and recommended packages, that are attached or loaded in the namespace, plus their respective DLLs.

It must be used before installing new versions of packages that are currently loaded in the namespace and require some forced unloading, as revealed by the first column of the data.frame produced by p_vers_deps. Warning: this function also removes RWsearch and its dependencies. It is therefore recommended to perform the installation with install.packages rather than p_inst.

This function is safe enough to reinstall locked packages but not safe enough for a further use as it does not unload the S3 and S4 classes nor the documentation which is detected as corrupted. It is therefore recommend to stop and restart R after the installation of the fresh packages.


p_unload_all(unload = FALSE, crandb = get("crandb", envir = .GlobalEnv))



logical. FALSE prints a list with 3 items: the loaded packages, the packages in the namespace, the loaded DLLs. TRUE removes the packages and their DLLs, then prints the refreshed list.


data.frame crandb.


## In real life, download crandb from CRAN or load it from your directory
## with functions crandb_down() or crandb_load().
## In this example, we use a small file.
crandb_load(system.file("data", "zcrandb.rda", package = "RWsearch"))

## Then run p_unload_all(TRUE), but only for maintenance!

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